Shaadi Mubarak 24th August 2020 Full Review Written Update

A doting mother, a simple human being with no dreams for her owned self. ( Shaadi Mubarak 24th August 2020 ) She is multi-talented. She does everything she is determined for. Preeti is best in each work she takes up. She is devoted to her children. Her daughter Juhi is her power, while son Tarun is her weakness. She never gets affectaion or respect from Tarun. She regrets that Tarun left her as a mother. Preeti has a golden heart. She easily believes people. She wants to speak the truth and fight for the right. She chooses to fight for her self-esteem after Tarun and his wife’s humiliating way towards her. Preeti meets KT, who soon brings a real change in her life.
He is a celebrity star, famed for his Rajasthani films. He is a real charmer. He is handsome, joyful, positive, polite and much hardworking. He became super rich by having a strong career in acting. He holds up his pain over his past. His wife Sandhya left from his time. His troubled marriage troubles him. KT believes in moving on and growing smiles. KT holds superb values. Everyone praises him for his service and humble behavior. He comes across Preeti, who is an introvert. KT gets invited to her composed personality.
Rajshree Thakur as Preeti Jindal
Manav Gohil as Keertan “KT” Tibrewal
Gaurav Sharma as Tarun Jindal
Akansha Sareen as Rati Tarun Jindal
Shefali Singh Soni as Juhi Sumedh Kothari
Achherr Bhaardwaj as Sumedh Kothari
Rajeshwari Sachdev as Kusum Kothari
The story is set in Udaipur. The scene starts Preeti, as a mother of two, Tarun and Juhi. She prepares for the marriage ceremony of Tarun and Rati. Rati is a career-oriented woman and happily gets Tarun’s total support. Tarun knows Rati’s not-so-good purposes. He loves her a lot and can do anything for her joy. They both have big dreams and are equally greedy when it comes to reap benefits from close relationships.
Tarun so much that she had lived a life like a mute spirit for 20 years, just to pray for Tarun’s voice to respond to normalcy. Tarun had met with an event in childhood, where he lost his voice. Preeti makes a request for him and vows to seal her lips until the day he uses his Sehra. Just Juhi is aware of Preeti’s oath. Preeti wants to surprise Tarun by speaking up and putting her hearty poetry to him on his wedding. Juhi’s mum-in-law Kusum gets Rati’s intentions and wants to alert Preeti. Kusum gets to learn that KT has appeared in the wedding function. Rati plans to make Preeti her all-time maid by bringingbringing her home. Rati knows that talking softly to Preeti will do the needful. Preeti finds Tarun in crisis. She breaks her quiet to save him. Tarun learns on her false speech-impairment. He calls her sacrifice a big show. Preeti gets too hurt when he gives no respect for his mother. She just wants him to be kind and considerate towards her. ( Shaadi Mubarak 24th August 2020 )
Preeti works hard to make his wedding a grand one, with limited guests due to the pandemic status. Preeti makes sure to keep everyone’s heart and hope. She also involves her in-laws in the office by using her smartness. Preeti gets praised by all, except Tarun, who accuses her for ruining his childhood by her fake muteness. Preeti fails to explain her boy. Rati steals the credit for Preeti’s wedding preparation work. Preeti doesn’t mind, since she wants both Tarun and Rati to succeed in their career. Preeti meets Rati’s guest KT, a film star. Preeti doesn’t know him since he is from the Rajasthan film production. He thinks she is his big fan, who is just dumb to see him. Preeti and KT begin bonding. KT appears jolly all the time and tells her to smile.

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