Shaadi Mubarak 2nd September 2020 Episode 9 Written Update

The Episode starts with KT thought to call Preeti and ask about her state. Shaadi Mubarak 2nd September 2020 Episode 9 Written Update He calls her. Rati says the call. He asks for Preeti. She says she is good, she acts to get attention, don’t worry. He asks her to take care. He says I don’t think she is fine. Maa says she will be fine if her family is speaking, don’t think much. Rati says you didn’t think before sending Preeti, I can’t do all the work. Tarun says Kusum won’t keep her house, Preeti will be coming home soon. Sumedh says Preeti will be happy to stay in Pushkar, take her day. Juhi says Kusum won’t agree, how will you manage. Kusum hears them. Sumedh says I will tell mum and handle her. Preeti wakes up and is upset. She looks for temple. Kusum doesn’t behave well. Preeti unhappily goes to her room. Juhi gets tea for her. She asks her to get ready. She says we will go to Pushkar. Preeti states we won’t go there. Juhi says why, you get peace there.
Preeti says no, Bua ji and Phupa ji will laugh on me understanding Tarun ousted me, I feel ashamed. Juhi says Tarun and Rati should be confused, its their mistake, I won’t let you blame yourself, come, you will feel good, Sumedh said he will leave us. Kusum hears them. She hears Sumedh happening and runs to her room. She acts to have headache. Sumedh and everyone come. They ask what occurred. Juhi says maybe you have gas, did you take medicines. Kusum says yes, I applied the balm also. She claims Sumedh did he come to say something. Sumedh says nothing. She asks them to just go for their work. She says Preeti will help me in cooking. Preeti says yes. Kusum asks Juhi and all to go away. They all go. Shaadi Mubarak 2nd September 2020 Episode 9 Written Update
Kusum keeps the drama. Jyoti asks her not to do any Show in front of her. She says I m sharp, none’s truth gets hidden from me. Preeti understands this and thinks why did she send everyone. She goes to Kusum. She gives lemon water. Kusum drinks the lemon water. She says Sumedh gifted the saree to me. Preeti says yes, I didn’t get my stuff from home. Kusum says I know how you had come.
She troubles Preeti. Main naagin….plays…. She asks her to sit away. Preeti reasons to leave. Kusum asks aren’t you empty, go and make food. Preeti goes. Maa says I m KT’s mum, I know his separation, he doesn’t think of himself, its time he should go on, this girl will come as a guest, if KT likes her, then we will take talks before, final decision will be of him. KT asks what. She says my friend’s daughter is your big fan, will you meet her. KT does show and agrees. He goes. She says he paints smiles, he is hiding a big pain in him. Preeti helps the food to Kusum. Kusum asks Preeti to sit and have food. Preeti meets. Kusum taunts her.

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