Qurbaan Hua 9th March 2020 Episode 10 Written Update

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Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date :9th March
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 9th March 2020

Sarsati pats Baleq explaining that she has seen what kind of person he really is, she had never thought that he would be so cheap, she also asks Naveli why did she do this to her when they both were sisters, Baleq comes asking an apology from her, she asks him for what should she give him apology for as he has done a lot of sins so now she will go and tell everyone all the things, Baleq gets really angry at this and warns her to not tell anyone a job as otherwise she will have to pay, Sarsati however pushes him away and runs for the Mandir, he also runs after her asking her to stop but she doesn’t listen to anything that he is saying, Viyas is busy in the Pooja. Sarsati is going with all her might for the Mandir but she feels pain so hides behind a shop, they both are running and when they are not able to find her start where she might be, Baleq gets suspicious of the shop but then runs to find her.

Sarsati queries what is happening with her, she decides to call and tell each and everything to Naveli, she is about to call her but Baleq prevents her from doing this, he says that a wife should uphold the honour of her husband so he came running to her, she threatens to tell everyone who he really is but he says that even a god has to fall after which he pushes her below the hill, Neil’s locket also breaks which makes him wonder if something might have happened to his sister, Sarsati reaches the bottom of the hill where she is bellowing for her baby, Naveli asks Baleq what will happen if she dies, then explains that she must die if they both must remain, Neil wonders why his Rakhi broke, a Pandit says that everything must break in this life and only the god will stay forever, he tries t call Sarsati but she cannot go near it, he again tries to call her but Baleq places his paws on her hands throwing her mobile phone away. Neil wonders if everything is alright.

Baleq sits in front of Sarsati stating that he is apologizing for what he is going to do but it is time for her to die, she mentions that he is a cruel person, Baleq says that his love for the child was only for eight moons and he has been working to get the seat of her father for fourteen years so he will do all that he can to get that seat. He covers her mouth when she starts to yell.
A group of Yatri’s come which gives Naveli nervous so she comes running to him saying that their plan will be ruined if they do not do anything, he says that they will kill her in the manner that the blame comes on something else, he decides to put the blame on Mr Baig.
Neil asks the driver to stop the car immediately and runs back to his home.
Baleq is with Sarsati when the Yatri come and he asks Naveli to come as they must go as soon as possible,

Viyas concludes the Pooja, saying that they must learn that they belong to a church whose protector is god himself, the young yatri asks a question saying that this means that their religion is better than others after which Viyas says that the religions are so that everyone finds a right path which is why everyone has the same aim to eat and drink, so they should all think the same as those who differentiate because of religion are experiencing psychic problems.
Baleq brings Sarsati to the hospital then seeks the help of Mr Baig stating that she feel and is not able to say anything, he takes the decision to perform a surgery on her, both of them are waite outside where Baleq says that he will not let anything wrong happen to her.

Chahat brings the cake for her father where Ghazala is sitting with her son, she explains that her father is not coming as there has been an emergency and so Chahat decides to go and help her father.
Baleq is sitting outside where he calls his near explaining that he must come to the hospital owned by Mr Baig with some swords and weapon as something really wrong has happened, Naveli is not able to comprehend his plan, Sarsati suddenly starts to go in confusion, Chahat arrives asking what has happened to her, Mr Baig explains that he has no idea and that she must check to see if there is any internal bleeding, she checks and explains that there are bruises on he knees. They both get worried, Sarsati suddenly starts to take deep breaths and her vitals also start dropping.

Qurbaan Hua 9th March 2020 Episode 10 Written Update

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