Qurbaan Hua 7th November 2020 Episode 108 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 7th November 2020 Full Episode 108 Latest Video By Zee5,Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 7th November 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 7th November 2020
Video SourceVkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 7th November 2020

Naveli cries that she cannot bear it anymore as Chahat is like a viper who is walking above their leads so she asks her mom to stop believing that she would get matched to Baleq, Godamabari considers that she would not let Chahat destroy her life and be the mother of Kripa even if she has to send her to Saraswati, Naveli cries her what she meant by this.
Chahat is peeking in her space when she scents the palao and is not able to resist it, she opens the door to find Neil standing with a plate of palao, he demonstrates that he stood leading kripa how to make the dish so that she can also design such food for her husband, then he makes all tries to get her to eat the dish but she refuses then he mentions that he created this food for her so that she can eat it as she should not remain so starving. Chahat cries that what is love if there is not any problem in it.
Baleq and Godamabri along with Ghazala plan to construct sure that they are able to kill Chahat for their own uses, Baleq believes that he would kill anyone who arrives in between his finances and the plan, Ghazala believes that she would kill Chahat so that she gains the money for the insurance behind which she would leave devpriagh.
Naveli invites her mom how they would get out of the house as they have to plan the slaying of Chahat, she moves to Viyas jee exclaiming that there is a way at the house so she decided to take Chahat but he has declined so should she take her, Viyas jee orders them both to go for the function.
Chahat explain to Neil that Viyas jee is also not eat anything because she has kept the fast so how can she ruin his trust hear which Neil act as if he is crying see the love which they both have for each other, Chahat still refuse to eat anything then Neil after place Kripa on the bed takes the plate away, Chahat is not able to control her hunger so once again focuse on her studie.

Bopho comes to the place where he bumps into Neil demonstrating that he has brought presents for Chahat just like his sister as she is supporting the fast and doing all that she can for the sake of his home even when she is not actually his wife, he is therefor acting like a stupid between them, Neil questions what he meant by this statement, Bopho clarifies that he meant the person who has an arrow and acts as the one to make love between a person, Neil answers that he is called a cupid but Bopho would not comprehend it.
Chahat is in the space when a mobile phone rings, Chahat is worried as it is not her phone so then notices that Neil has left it, she picks it up and is shocked to see a letter in which is a text that if he wants to save Dr Baig then should rush, Chahat thinks that she has to reach there before Neil so rushes to leave as soon as possible.
Bopho smells the palao, he suggests Neil that they both should share it but Neil demonstrates that he cannot eat it because Viyas jee was not consuming anything because of Chahat and so she has also declined to eat anything so how can he eat the food, Bopho is amazed to see their love, Neil says that he is only worried for her because she is busy in learning so he has also ordered a back rest, he reaches for his phone but not encountering it runs to his room.
Chahat goes to Viyas jee demonstrating that she is going to buy some medication for herself so can he take care of Kripa, Viyas jee exclaims that he was close to come to her then exclaims to Kripa that she is really smart as she is only calm with Chahat. Chahat seeks his approval then is about to leave, Viyas jee asks if everything but Chahat goes after explaining that everything is alright.
Bopho is consuming the dish when he sees Chahat yet she runs away, Neil is also not able to see her in the room so gets worried where she has run then runs after her.
Godamabri plans that she would toss Chahat in molten lawa after killing her, Naveli invites her to speak in a low voice they both see Baleq arriving then wonder what he is doing in the town.
Chahat enters the plant while Ghazala even comes with Ram, who advises Ghazala that they should go but she says that they should not leave as they would not be capable to find a better opportune point to kill her.
Chahat is digging for her father when Neil also follows her, she think that there is no one which is why the individual would have called Neil at this time, he wonders why Chahat has arrived to this factory as if Baig is ill who has come to fulfill her.
Ghazala questions ram if he has requested the manager to keep an eye of Baig as otherwise she would not be capable to kill Chahat, Ram explains that he has given her a two dose so now they are examining for Chahat.
Neil treks behind Chahat who is standing not knowing that a molten lawa crane is looming above her, he calls worried judging how it was left running, the device comes just above Chahat when Neil runs to her and grabs her hand but then he seeing that it is about to fall pushes her out so she tumbles and hits her head yet he burns his face remembering how they both met and he cried that she is his wife, she is bearing her head while Neil is on the ground with the burning face reflecting the moments which they both have spent together, even when no one has arrived to save him.

Qurbaan Hua 7th November 2020 Episode 108 Written Update

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