Qurbaan Hua 6th November 2020 Episode 107 Written Update

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Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 6th November 2020
Video SourceVkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 6th November 2020

At dusk Chahat ask Neil what is Karwa Chawat because she has only attended that there are serious deal on the clothe, Chahat exclaim that she would not support the fast because she is not his wife and so would not support the fast, Neil say that she can support the fast as then she would pray for his extended life, Chahat say that she has not accomplished anything bad but then realize that she lied to her dad, she accuses that everything that is occurring is because of Neil as he took her and then pushed her to lie to the entire family, Neil explains that she should work then starts defining the other ways where she would eat before dawn and act as if she is holding a fast till the sunset.
In the morning Chahat come down and is amaz that Godamabri has designed such dishe then ask who is for the other thali, Naveli exclaim that she is also keep the brief then Godambari exclaim that she pray that Naveli get a life mate whom she desire, Godambari then give them both the attire which they would have to wear. Godambari then alerts her that she cannot eat anything.
Neil asks Viyas jee if there is something that he likes to say but Viyas jee questions what acts he tell as if there lives something immoral then, Jamuna arrives explaining that he need the authorization for the color of the Mandir, then Neil think that he would go and revoke the registration of his father.
Chahat get the food for Viyas jee invite him to eat it as he accomplished not arrived to the plain then also request Jamuna who mention that he had to keep the fast in the cabin of his wife, Viyas jee order him to eat as it is not right for him to mark the fast in this situation, then when Chahat ask if he should get food for him Viyas jee word that he cannot eat when she is quickly hear which Chahat thinks that she would now uphold the fast as Viyas jee is too fasting.
Ghazala brings Dr Baig to the ancient era home thinking that no one would look for him in an old age house told for the hindu people, she gives the manager some cash and then takes Dr Baig inside.
Neil reaches the office and voids the registration of his father exclaiming that there is no need since their relation have corrected, the boss praises him who questions Neil that they need some help for an old person so Neil nails that take his responsibility then when the manager gets Dr Baig he is not capable to move and even then wants to fulfill Neil who believes he killed Saraswati. But Ghazala tries moving him yet is not qualified to then Neil gets a text from Chahat so goes for the house.
Chahat drops her texts in front of the space of Naveli, Viyas jee also comes from after exclaiming that he would help her but she gets worried as if he notices that she is studying the books on pharmacy he will ask queries which she would not be able to answer, then when Viyas jee kneel he see that Naveli is eat so yell at her asking what she is doing, he goes inside then strikes the thali. Godamabri also comes questioning what has occurred, Viyas jee asks had the pressurized her to mark the fast but then Godamabri cries that she kept it by her own will, Viyas jee explains that she should take care of the ways and be like Chahat as she has held the fast even when she is learning, after which they leave.
Naveli blames stating that Chahat deliberately dropped her books at the front of the door in order to complete her feel ashamed in the eyes of Viyas jee. Godambari designs something that will end her abuse.
Baleq in the home is preparing to sell the actual gold statue that was placed In the Mandir for 120 million, he asks the consumer to give him 10 million in money at the steel plant in the night, he plans that he will sell the initial and then place the copy in the Mandir.
Chahat is in the lawn wonder how she can control her hunger as she cannot bear it any longer, Neil comes ask her to eat something because she is just pretend but Chahat exclaim that since Viyas jee is not eating anything so she will also not eat, Neil doesnot believe her say that she also keep fast in Ramzan but Chahat say that she is prepared but not now, they both head inside where Godamabri is hitt Naveli with a stick, Chahat stop her so Godambari sys that she has been possessed which is why she was eat at Karwa Chawat, Chahat explain that there is no such thing and even Viyas jee comes ask what is happen, Godamabri exclaim that she might have been possessed but then Viyas jee mention that it is because she did not raise her properly.
Baleq thinks that after dealing the murti he has to go about to the house and show that Neil valued someone ese and it was not Chahat.
Ghazala causes Dr Baig lie down on the mattress and assures that nothing would occur, she gets a call from the insurance office who order her that they would turn down the bid; for insurance as she has not delivered any proof, Ghazala intends to get the cash at any cost,

Qurbaan Hua 6th November 2020 Episode 107 Written Update

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