Qurbaan Hua 4th March 2020 Episode 7 Written Update

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Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date :4th March
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 4th March 2020

Jamna asks Gutambari what is she speaking about Sarsati, she responds that she cannot even utter the words and that his niece is having someone else’s child, everyone including Viyas is shocked to hear this cry, he immediately asks her to shut up as she is talking nonsense, Gutambari mentions that how can the girl who was not able to give family for eight years become pregnant so they must ask her if the child with whom she is important is really an honour for them, they try to make her realize that what she is talking about is wrong, she however is not ready to listen to anything and mentions that a girl can also get pregnant with medicines and they should all ask her if she has not used the medicines.
Viyas gets very angry at this asking Jamna what is his wife talking about, does she not know that these things should be talked in private and not Infront of the guests and also requires Sarsati to answer what Gutambari is asking, She getting the right time apologizes to him saying that the medicine has given women an opportunity to get pregnant with artificial medicine so how can the child be lawful, even more she took the treatment from the doctor who is a Muslim, Neil reaches the top of the building but is shocked to see what is happening on the earth, he immediately runs back to her, Gutambari asks Sarsati what she did and if she had not thought of the reputation of her family as the honour is the only thing of value in their village, Viyas asks Sarsati if what she is being charged for is true then Sarsati does not say anything which annoys everyone who plan to kill the doctor,
Chahat reaches the door of the house and is about to go inside but is stopped by Neil who asks her to go back as if she goes inside then will be hit, she asks why dioes he think like this to which he says that he mentioned they will not be able to bear the news so she must hand the reports to him and leave, Chahat does not believe what is wrong with Neil.

should also teach the Muslim doctor a lesson, Viyas stops her saying that he knows what he should do and goes to ask Sarsati why did she go to should also teach the Muslim doctor a lesson, Viyas stops her saying that he knows what he must do and goes to ask Sarsati why did she go to a doctor who is not from their religion,
Neil comes from behind saying that he has no power to ask this from her, he comes to say that she has full right over her life as he did not even look to know that his daughter was crying when Gutambari used to taunt for not being able to become a mother, so what is wrong with his sister using technology to give birth to the child of her husband, Viyas says that he was depressed about the generation from his daughter but he would never place his family over religion and so does not expect anything from Neil as he was not able to fulfil the duties regarding the religion that he was placed with, then Viyas states that all his followers would agree that he did not choose the sect but the religion chose him.

Baleq comes to the office and explains that they cannot blame Sarsati as it was the decision which they both took together, Gutambari asks why did they have to go to a doctor who is from the other religion, Sarsati stands up learning that they went to each and every doctor but no one gave them hope and that is when Mr Baig gave them the idea that resulted in her fulfilling the dream of becoming a mother.
Neil says that Viyas pretends to be a man of modern thoughts and has tried to show it on different occasions, gutambari says that both Muslim and Hindu have different blood lines, to which Neil asks her if she asked to whom the blood belonged when it was her husband who was in need of it.
Neil is also met by the locals who say that they cannot use religion for their personal problems, Neil mentions that Viyas in order to fulfil his religious duties forget to become his father but his daughter is now once again giving him a chance, Gutambari begs him to stop trying to change the mind of Viyas, then they both hear Viyas fulfilling the rituals of the office, Viyas says that they cannot change his mind regarding the actions of Neil,

Neil goes to Sarsati telling that he will always be there to protect her and will never let anything wrong happen to her and even her unborn child,
Gutambari mentions that when Viyas has taken the child and even blessed him then she might be wrong so what can she say now, she says that when he has no problem in accepting the child who will be born with the help of Muslim however he would also accept Neil’s girlfriend, everyone is left stunned hearing this.a

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