Qurbaan Hua 3rd March 2020 Episode 6 Written Update

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Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date :3rd March
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 3rd March 2020

Neil hands Chahat her chewing gum, Sarsati asks what it is to which she returned that it is nothing concerning her, Mami is seeing everything from the corner, Sarsati advises to Neil that they both must leave as their father has invited all the Pandits to lunch, Sarsati before leaving prays that Chahat becomes even more successful than her father, she also urges Sarsati to take care of herself, Neil takes her sister away after thanking Chahat for her help.
Mami wonders why Neil has brought her sister to the hospital to meet his girlfriend, she gets shocked to see that the hospital belongs to someone who is a Muslim, she decides to find out what is happening between them both.
Chahat is in her room she hands the decoration, explaining that the very first patient whom she treated prayed for her success, she therefor inquires what her mother thinks of her, she says that the patient was very nice but her brother was irritating her to the extent that she could not bear him, she asks her mother why people take out swords on the basis of religion, she says that she knows her mother has confirmed that there is only none God but when will the humans come to understand this concept, she opens her wardrobe to find her mother’s dress all torn, she is shocked to see the condition of the dress and wonders how it might have happened, she remembers how her father commented that she looks the same as her mother in her dress. She thinks of the culprit who might be behind all this as she had kept the dress safe for a very long time, Chahat is not able to understand anything, Ghazala is seeing her from behind the wall, she leaves after giving a grown and proving that she is the one behind everything. Chahat mentions that she knows who the culprit and they will have to pay but when she is about to leave for her revenge, the decoration moves.

Chahat warns that Miss Baig cannot be forgiven each time and she will make her pay, she admits that it was a fault she talked with her on that day and for how long would they have to bear such actions of Misses Baig, she promises to not confront her but assures of taking revenge from her in the way which she would see fit, she cuts the dress together.
In the morning the party begins, Mama jee is greeting the ladies who have arrives to the party, she praises them on their son’s departure to America, he is talking to them when his veil falls down because of the air, they both are see to that he has lost both of his hands, they both ask him how will he eat when he has lost his hands, he mentions that his hands are safe but it Is because his wife had made a promise so he has to keep his hands like this, then they both leave.
He asks Neil what he has prepared and he shows him the dish he ahs made, then when he ask Neil why he has prepared the dish designed for patients, Neil says that this is because the pregnant lady needs nutrients, then Neil makes him taste it and he really likes it.
He asks Neil to look as his sister is coming, he comments that Sarsati is looking like a princess as before she was looking like a ghost from the movies, then when she is seated on the swing , Sarsati inquires about their father, then Baleq says that he has gone to view after the preparations for Mahashrivtari, she asks why has he not come back as without him they will not be able to move on with the function, Neil exclaims that he will bring Viyas if this is what she really wants.
Mr Baig is sitting with Ghazala and having tea, he asks where Chahat is, she says that she does not know where Chahat is as she ahs not send her anywhere, Chahat comes and is dressed in a veil made from her mother’s dress, Mr Baig asks why she did this to which she mentions that she found that her mother’s dress was torn and so made it into a veil, he asks if she has a clue as to who might be behind it all, she points towards Ghazala who immediately tries to throw the blame away from her, she then gets a call and shouts at the person, when Mr Baig asks why she is yelling to which she replies that someone has given her number to the men who live iun the vicinity and when he answers the call, he ask who has given her the number and is shocked to learn that it is Chahat.

Neil comes to Viyas explaining that he must be at the office which is for Sarsati, he states that he cannot go as it is Mahashrivatri and when Neil pressurizes him, Viyas says that he will go but has a condition, when Neil asks he explains that he will only go if Neil is not present there as he cannot be with a person who does not think in the prayers, Neil accepts his condition then says to a young biy that if Sarsati asks where he is then he must tell her that he has gone to the market.
Ghazala inquiries from Chahat what has she done to deserve such hatred from her, Mr Baig also says that he never expected this from her, Chahat immediately tries to defend herself by saying that she has not done anything of the sort, Mr Baig mentions that he is aware of this as she had left her mobile phone at the reception and he brought it with him, she must not be so happy and must take care of her belongings, he brings the file of Sarsati and advises her to go to their house and give the reports to them, he leaves after saying this. Qurbaan Hua 3rd March 2020
Chahat comes to Ghazala then mentions that she can cut the dress but cannot ruin the relationship that exists between a father and his daughter, Ghazala plans to make sure that their relation is crippled.
Baleq asks Sarsati to commence the possession as they should not wait any longer for Viyas as he might not come, Mami mentions that she has sent Neil to bring him so now should skip that Viyas will come, then when they are about to start Viyas enters the house, he immediately takes the instrument and is about to start the ritual but Mami, stands him then throws Cow piss all over Sarsati, she mentions that she did all this because it is the ritual of the house to do this when something happens which is not permissible in their religion and what Sarsati has done cannot be absolved, mama asks what she means to which she exclaims that she feels pain in saying this and that is his niece is pregnant with someone else’s child, everyone including Viyas are shocked to hear this announcement.

Qurbaan Hua 3rd March 2020 Episode 6 Written Update

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