Qurbaan Hua 31st October 2020 Episode 102 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 31st October 2020 Full Episode 102 Latest Video By Zee5,Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 31st October 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 31st October 2020
Video SourceVkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 31st October 2020

Viyas jee is pleas with the decoration, Godambari exclaim that Naveli was the one who did all the decoration even when she was busy in take care of Kripa, Neil says to Godambari that he has completed the dishes, Naveli brings it to Viyas jee.
He asks the whereabout of Chahat, she is come down from the stairs, Neil ask why is she so nervous asking if she did not like the sarree, Chahat cries that she liked the sarre but if she is watchful all night then how can she study for her exam as otherwise she would fail, Neil take her aside then giving her the mantar book asks her to sit aside then begin reading as he has placed her medical book in it, she takes Kripa aside then starts training for her exams.
Ghazala has sent the driver in disguise to the Mant Viyas house and he has also the package which she has given him, Viyas jee asked jamuna to bring the book but he say that it is with Chahat, Viyas jee orders her to give him the book however she is doubtful as she is actually prepar for her medical exams, Neil come from after advis Viyas jee that there is no need as he will replicate it without look at the book, Godambari is surprised say that he will he do it, Viyas jee then gets angry so she exclaim that she only wishes that he fulfil it without any mistake.
Neil starts repeating the Katha and after it finishes, Viyas jee gets emotional so shouts to Jamuna that it is the first time they have heard the Katha from Neil, he is sure that his son would be able to fulfil the duties of Mant really soon, he notes that it is because of Chahat as ever since she has evolved a part of their family Neil has gotten emotionally strong, He asks her to reach forward and sit with them as they would shortly began the rituals, Neil stops him explaining that he has called her to sit there and make a video of them all while also bringing care of Kripa, Neil goes to Chahat asking that she ready well for the exams, he also orders her to make a fine video and also take care of Kripa, Chahat gratitude him for his support, he demonstrates that she doesnot have to thank him as he would really soon ask for something in recovery, Chahat also agrees then he calls her to prepare well for the exam.

Neil ask the player where is his ornaments, Bopho comes from behind with them all and is not actually able to walk, Neil takes it from him then seats down on the floor, the driver asks where is the toilet as he has to first wash himself, Jamuna says that he will show him but Viyas jee says that he holds to rest so Baleq would offer him the way.
In the bathroom the motorist says that he has the pack in the harmonium so what should he do with it,, Ghazala states that he should never sense it as otherwise he would also die, then she says that he should produce sure that Chahat doesnot die and the blame for destroying the Mant Viyas and his family is put on Chahat she would not be able to take it. They both intend to kill the real family.
Neil is stand on the wire without know, Chahat see him from the camera so rushes and save him from obtaining electrocuted, Neil Is about to fall, everyone architects then she shouts that the wires are in the free, Bopho gets stressed on how the wires were left in the open so chooses to cover them, Neil appreciations Chahat but she is really angry, Godambari also exclaim that she has kept a lot of vow for his safety, Viyas jee exclaim that It is not only the vow that matter as Jamuna has to fulfil the rituals of those vows, he exclaim that he is sure when Jamuna would keep a vow she would fulfil the ritual of it, Jamuna mention that he has indeed kept a vow where he has prayed the there would be 30 days in February the next year and for it she would have to wear the band, Godambari is relaxed as it is not a matter of concern but gets worried when she realize that she would have to wear it cover her eye, Jamuna make her sit beside the ornament as she can no longer see.
Viyas jee orderings Chahat to bring friendly milk for everyone in the family, she is in the kitchen when she hears Neil speaking with Bopho that he would sleep with her, Chahat obtains angry as she thinks that he is speaking of her, she remembers that he exclaimed he would ask something from her which she would not be capable to refuse, then exits the kitchen not knowing that Neil was actually speaking around the cow, he mentions that the vet advised Neil to call him if their cow begins yelling in the evening because of pain, Bopho cries that he should not call him if the cow hits him as he would not reach.
Chahat starts showing everyone the milk, when Neil takes the glass it is really hot and he slips it on his kurta, he inquires why is it so hot, Viyas jee exclaims that he power be getting tired as the milk is only just warm.
Neil asks Chahat for the different kurta then makes her turn so that he can change, when Neil leaves Chahat beams thinking that he would not believe of anything so bad as she has placed itching powder in his kurta.
Neil while do the chores is not able to understand why it is itch so much, he ask Chahat to scratch his back as it is itch, Chahat says that she has no interest in help him, he inquires why is she say, Chahat explain that he was talk with Bopho about sleep with her as he brought her into the house, Neil explain that he was talk about their cow but Chahat think that he is talk of some other women, Neil explain how he was asked to observe her as she is not feel well, Chahat explain that she believed he was talking about her so she mixed his clothes with itching powder, Neil promise to talk with her later as first he has to adjust his clothes.
Chahat is study when she hears that Kripa is cry, Naveli is trying to calm her down, Chahat ask the reason then she inquires if Naveli wash the clothe as the new born suffer rashe when the wear new clothes that have not been wash, Naveli hand her kripa ordering her to take care if she know so much, Chahat takes Kripa upstair.
Ram Chandran calls Ghazala explaining that Chahat has gone upstairs, she order him to light the moisture and kill the entire family.

Qurbaan Hua 31st October 2020 Episode 102 Written Update

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