Qurbaan Hua 31st August 2020 Episode 54 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 31st August 2020 Full Episode 54 Latest Video By Zee5, Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 31st August 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 31st August 2020
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 31st August 2020

In the room Chahat is talking with her mother mentioning that even Neil said thank you to her and this is something really special, her mother says that he is not that bad but Chahat mentions that she might not see it but only she knows how rude and irritating Neil is, she also starts thinking about the time spent with Neil and how romantic the moments were, she gets nervous when her mother points towards her that she should not think of him.

Godambari is combing Naveli mentioning that she should not worry as Chahat would not be able to work for much longer as she doesnot have the capability, then she mentions that the producer would not have proper eyes and so she would once again get another chance, they both are sitting when Baleq comes requesting her to make a tea for him, Naveli says that is it her dress but Baleq says that she always thinks of herself, he takes out a shawl noticing that Viyas jee has asked him to sit with him in the pooja as this time they will have it in the house, Godambari comes up with a plan to produce sure that Chahat is busy enough so that she is not able to host the show with Neil, then they head into the house where she calls Chahat and hands her the utensils which she would use to clean the house,
Neil also comes and hearing the conversation realizes that he has the opportunity to tease Chahat, he comes exclaiming that she should take them and get to cleaning the house as she is the new member of the family so should fulfil her responsibilities, they are talking when Baleq comes with an bag explaining that it came by post, Chahat wonders that if they are the opinions of gollu.

Baleq opens the post to find the reports of gollu, he starts questioning them all asking why did they take his child without seeking permission from him, all of them are quiet, Chahat signals to Neil that she was the one to take gollu, Neil realizing what she is trying to say immediately steps forward accepting that he was the one to take gollu as he knows that he cannot see the face but still has some responsibilities, and it is really a moment to celebrate as the doctor said that gollu would recover by herself in a very short period of time, Baleq rejoices after hearing the news asking why did he not tell him as then they both would have gone together,

Neil takes the utensils from Chahat and takes her upstairs after saying that they both have something important to discuss, in the room Chahat is really confused as she mentions that she knows what Saraswati said to her the night she died and it was that she was pushed and so she knows the reason of the fracture which is why she took gollu to the doctor. Neil asks for the report and explains that it would be clear after he sees them, Chahat stops him as he is about to leave saying that there is nothing in the reports. Neil doesnot believe her so calls the doctor who checked gollu, he starts a conversation with the doctor asking what are the chances that the fracture happened because his sister fell during pregnancy, the doctor says that the chances are really less but they cannot be certain what the cause was as they were not able to examine it at the time of the incident.
Neil gets angry with Chahat mentioning that she should stop defending her father as he is the one who killed his sister, Godambari once again calls Chahat and they both head down.
When they are in the hall, Godambari orders that Chahat clean the store room as there would be a pooja, Viyas jee comes stopping Chahat from cleaning the store, he says that she would have to clean the room of the Mandir and also take care of each of the statue that are placed there since she is the member of this family.

Neil worries about what would happen as Chahat is a Muslim, he tries to plead with Viyas jee however Godambari once again says that she cannot wash the house, Viyas orders Neil to help in cleaning of the house as if they would do it together then it would be easy, Neil leaves the room after looking at Chahat with a grim, Viyas calls Chahat informing her that their family has been the caretaker for centuries and she as the new descendant in law of the house would have to move forward with it as this is the tradition.
Viyas jee orders that Godambari inform Jamuna when baniyal jee comes as some important papers have to be signed, before leaving.
Chahat wonders why she has to face such situations as they cannot pray Infront of a statue as it is not accepted in their religion, she wonders of what she can do now.

Jamuna is with baniyal jee explaining that they are taking care of all the precautionary measures at the Mandir, they are walking when baniyal jee accidentally touches the slipper, he gets mad explaining that now he would have to bath once again as they can not enter the Mandir anymore, Chahat hears their conversation and thinks that they cannot also enter the Mandir when they are dirty so she calls Neil who is covered in dirt and hugs him tightly to get dirt on herself, he asks her to leave but she doesnot and when Godambari sees them, they both separate and Neil gives the room,
Godambari asks her to clean the Mandir but then seeing that she is dirty asks that she first take a bath, Chahat calls Baleq in the bathroom explaining that there is no water, she is worried and after reviewing Is tensed, then Chahat asks her to clean the mandir as she will take care of the store room, Godambari also agrees so Chahat leaves for the store room.

Baleq is in his room thinking for a long time Viyas jee has taken care of the position of Mant but now he will announce and make Baleq the Mant which will fulfil his dreams. He touches to find the necklace but is not able to find it and wonders where has it gone as it broke the night when Saraswati died, he tries to remember and it comes to him that he hid it in the store room but if Chahat goes there she might find it and give it to Viyas jee, he is really worried.
Chahat enters the storeroom and thinks of informing Neil the reason she hugged him, he is not there so she starts cleaning the store and finds the necklace in a drum as it drops. Neil meanwhile is trying to wash his face, but the water runs out and he is also not able to open the tap.

Qurbaan Hua 31st August 2020 Episode 54 Written Update

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