Qurbaan Hua 30th October 2020 Episode 101 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 30th October 2020 Full Episode 101 Latest Video By Zee5,Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 29th October 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 30th October 2020
Video SourceVkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 30th October 2020

Chahat accepts a phone call. Neil accepts a call from Ropindra. Godambari stood above the room. Chahat invites him to put the phone on lecturer, she wans to tell Ropindra her form was introduced. Ropindra admonishes Neil for not keeping Chahat and taking her to fill the PG entry form. Chahat tells Ropindra that the form was served by his childhood neighbor. Ropindra tells her to study hard. There, Godambari feels she cannot let Chahat course hard. Neil had got course books for Chahat as agreeably. Chahat wanted to thank Neil. He invites her to wear the shorts again, she looked hot in them. Chahat was irked. Godambari wonders if their affair hasn’t ended yet. Neil wonders where the saree he bought gone, and who could order such quick clothes. Chahat did not want to give her statement and videos her mouth. Neil rips off the tape, but it hurts Chahat. He rubs her lips.
Chahat asks Neil who sports fashionable clothes in the house. Neil thinks Naveli. Godambari wonders what Naveli now ordered. She was nervous. Chahat says she thinks they belong to Naveil, but Neil can have his own idea. Neil goes to speak to Naveli.
Outside, Neil and Chahat question about the parcel from Naveli. Baleq was also there and asks who could order small dress in their house. Godambari comes from after asking about a parcel and takes it from Neil. She poses to be scared and says it is their anniversary, so her husband got her a gift. Everyone was shocked to hear this. Neil documents if she is sure? Godambari backs off and says she will just ask Jamuna. Neil asks Naveli if there was any other parcel as well. Baleq carries out the parcel. Chahat was comfortable to visit the red saree. Neil states this is what he got. Godambari warns Baleq that next time if he has to gift something to her daughter, it must be by writing. She won’t be there every juncture to save them.

Jamuna arrives to tell Viyas ji that the singer for Jagrata is unavailable. He has said to another singer. Viyas ji causes Jamuna grabs a chair and massages his shoulders. Jamuna stands up out of concern. Viyas ji says he has ever stood by his side, though he could have left after his wife’s death. He is more significant than his brother for him. If Chahat hadn’t kept him…. Chahat comes from behind and asks Jamuna to bring care of himself. They will assume care of trials of Jagrata. She requests him not to consider himself being youthful anymore. Jamuna stood clueless. Chahat sounds they can take care of musician, and flower decorator; they could have done so. Jamuna was insulted that now their daughter in law would be tough.
Inside, Godambari admonishes Naveli for not accepting care of her parcels, even when she knew Baleq had called a short dress for her.
Chahat gifts Viyas ji a health tracker bar to monitor his health.
Ghazala calls Godambari apologizing to escape the place without notice. She had fever and she fear of suffering from COVID. Godambari was mad and says actually Chahat is training for some exam and is not free. Ghazala comprehends that Chahat must be training for PG admission exam. Ghazala guesses Viyas Ji would not realize he might be destroyed on Jagrata.
There, Chahat reads Viyas ji’s breathing mark on the band. Neil thinks no one even watches for their real home, likes she cares for his family. Viyas Ji truly believes her in place of Bhags.
In the room, Neil held a mobile fan for Chahat while she studied. He thanks her for taking care of his home, though being a fake daughter in law. Chahat narrates a saying of Prophet to do interest to those who even wants to harm ties. She has lived observing what she was introduced. Thought she is not the true daughter in regulation, still her relationship with the family is real. Neil was respectful of Chahat’s review. Chahat tells him to let her study. Neil sits there carrying the fan for her while she studies.
The next light, Chahat feels she must complete surgery, medicine and ortho today. Godambari calls her downstairs and spoils Chahat in sorting the nuts. Godambari notices her hesitation and asks if she has some other crucial task. Naveli and Baleq reach there. Godambari rumors to them that Chahat must not get a single minute free. Naveli was decided to see her fail the exam. Chahat turns to leave to the room. Naveli carries flowers to her for decoration. After floral decoration, Godambari gets the floor coverings for Chahat. Baleq carries a bundle of floor exteriors. The three visit Chahat busy with household chores. Chahat wonders how much edit she will be able to do now. Naveli dispatches Chahat to get ready and vamooses pads for her to set. Chahat was drawn and wonders if she will actually pass the exam.

Qurbaan Hua 30th October 2020 Episode 101 Written Update

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