Qurbaan Hua 29th October 2020 Episode 100 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 29th October 2020 Full Episode 100 Latest Video By Zee5,Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 29th October 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 29th October 2020
Video SourceVkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 29th October 2020

Viyas ji asks to start the aarti. Kripa begins to cry. Chahat takes Kripa to transform her diaper and says she will bring her now. Chahat was glad that Kripa understands her problems well. She looks towards Neil and runs inside. In the pooja, Neil joins everyone. He silently hopes Chahat likes the gift he got her.
Chahat brings Kripa to Viyas Ji. Neil questions Chahat to come and take the Prasad. Godambari heads to the kitchen. Neil asks Chahat why she did not buy the garments he gifted her. Chahat asks if he believes she would model such clothes. Viyas Ji reaches Chahat to take Kripa from him.
Viyas Ji tells them to recognize its 20th tomorrow, and they have to prepare for Mata Jagrata. Chahat wonders how she ignored the date that it is 19th. She wonders what she must do, it is the final date to fill the entry form for PG.
In the room, Neil sat on the floor and complains to Chahat that she disliked the clothes he got her. Chahat problems if he thinks she will bring such a skirt in act of home. Neil asks if he brought such ill-quality clothes. He now says to Kripa that one must never do good to anyone. Neil now decides to redress himself. He starts beating himself with a pliable stick. Chahat moves to grip the plastic rod, but Neil niggles it accomplishes not matter to Chahat what he touches. Chahat finally agrees and accepts the dress inside.
She appears from the bathroom, covering herself with a cloth piece annoyingly. She drops the material and tells him to see her in such short clothes now. She doubts if he ever saw her in such dress. Did he think she will wear such clothes in front of Viyas ji and family. She thought Neil is different from other guys, but she now realized he is also a slave of his intuition. Neil turns to pick up the cloth piece and drapes her in the red cloth as a saree. Neil questions if she believes he can not hold his feelings whenever he looks towards her. This is not the gift he got for her. Chahat wonders what that existed. Neil silently believes he brought her something to beautify her.

There, Naveli likes the red saree but asks why Baleq brought this traditional dress when she likes to model western. Baleq was startled to see the saree and states he did not send her the dress. He comprehends that his parcel was switched with someone else.
Neil tells Chahat he obtained her a beautiful saree. It is not mandatory for girls to wear short dresses to look good. They wonder if someone else took the field. Neil says such short clothes are not her favorite, nor his; then why she wore such garments. Chahat says she thought he would be concerned otherwise. Neil was keen to do everything for her. Chahat thinks for a while, then requests Neil to take her to college office. It was her father’s dream to be a neurologist, and she has to serve PG form. Neil was angry that Chahat believes he will help her achieve her father’s dream. Her father was and will always be his opponent. Chahat thinks she will find a way. She believes she has half an hour to reach university office.
Viyas ji tells Ropindra not to ask residents till sunset. Chahat comes downstairs and requests Ropindra to bring her to university. She has to fill university entrance form. Ropindra confirms she will take her to university. Chahat requests Viyas ji to take consideration of Kripa for a while, she wants to buy bangles for Kripa. Viyas ji was comfortable. Jamuna was touching bewildered for quite a long time. He loses his balance. Chahat sees that his face also stretched from a side. He says this is occurring for an hour. Chahat checks his BP and finds it raised. She strokes his hands and sends Godambari to bring his treatments.
After a while, Chahat states they gave him medication in time. Everyone berates Jamuna for not taking care of his medicines. Ropindra questions Chahat if she doesn’t have to go. Chahat says only five minutes stand left, they won’t be capable to reach in time. She brushes her tears when she says it seems she is not lucky sufficiently to fulfil her father’s wish.
Chahat arrives to her place, upset. She gets a message of submission verification. Neil comes inside with the receipt of entry form. He tells her not to be happy. She likes to be a neurologist only to cure her dad. It is right for him, as only then he will be able to dig the truth and retaliation for his sister’s death. Chahat cries silently. Neil wonders why he handles hurt whenever she cries. Chahat tells Neil she also wants to learn and cure her father so that he can tell Neil the truth and prove his integrity. Godambari had reached beyond their room door to invite Chahat about the medicines. She overhears the dialogue about exams. She thinks if Chahat starts to make she will turn her and her daughter into a slave. She will have to die this exam.

Qurbaan Hua 29th October 2020 Episode 100 Written Update

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