Qurbaan Hua 28th October 2020 Episode 99 Written Update

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Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 28th October 2020
Video SourceVkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 28th October 2020

Chahat is supplying the exams when the invigilator calls Viyas jee as the visitor which involves Chahat who thinks that if he sees her then would learn that she is a doctor.
Chahat asks the woman from where she got the bangles as they are stolen so if she gives the proof to the police she would be arrested so she should tell Chahat who gave her the bangles.
Neel cries that the person from whom he desired to take revenge all those daytimes then he was the one to save him, he thinks that Dr Baig has killed his sister but has kept him, he starts to caugh which worries Neel.
Chahat inquire who sold her the bangle at which the lady informs that it was someone else who gave her the bangle, Chahat insist that she should let her meet the person as otherwise she would have her arrest, the wife agree to make the arrangement after which she would meet the person.
Neel questions from Dr Baig if he is yes and why is he coughing, he tries to call the physician however he doesnot answer the call but then Neel thinks of getting Chahat who immediately mentions that she would come to her but he refuses, she urges him on how he would be able to get the individual relieved then Neel follows the teaching, Neel is not able to find the necessary thinks while someone helps him, when Neel is able to complete sure Dr Baig is relieved he demands Bopho to come out as he understands Bopho is in the room, Bophandar reaches out and is wearing a mask of Hanuman, Neel questions why is he wearing the mask, Bopho replies that he did this because Neel called him to not show him his face, Bopho demonstrates that he was not the one to steal the murti, Neel hugs him declaring that he knows Bopho cannot do anything of the sort so he embraces him.
Chahat displays the video where Chawala is accept that he was not order by Bopho to rob the Murti, Jamuna exclaim that this signifies Bopho is blameless and then Viyas jee wonder who will go so low to steal the Murti, Godambari stare at Baleq who is really anxious.
Neel is hug Bopho when he get a voice note from Chahat where Chawala accept that Bopho did not order him to steal the Murti, Neel hear the voice note mention that Bopho Jhabi prove his innocence but he it even before that Bopho cannot do anyth of the sort, Bopho inquire how at which Neel show him his heart and then explain that Chahat has given her heart to him.
Chahat joins the place of Baleq while he is working, she mentions that she wants to ask a problem and needs the bangles which Neel provided to Saraswati on her birthday.

Bopho starts jigging hearing the word which angers Neel who explains that she gave her heart to him so that he can see it from her heart, this caused him realize of Bopho’s blamelessness, he goes to take care of Dr Baig, Neel believes if his words might actually come true.
Baleq asks why does she need them so abruptly, Chahat explains how she wants to have the same bangles made for Kripa, Baleq responds that they are in the safe, Chahat answers how he told her that he has got them all to their house after the lockdown was announced, Baleq recalls his notice mentioning that he forgot, he tries to act as if he is really digging for the Bangles, Chahat knows they are not with him so invites him to search thoroughly for them and he can show them to her some other time.
Chahat after strolling out of the house calls the wife of Chawla inquiring if he called the individual who sold her the bangles, she answers how she has not been able to, Chahat warns that she should not inform the individual how she is also coming to their meeting otherwise she would give the image which she has of her to the police. Chahat is stubborn to reveal the truth about Baleq Infront of everyone.
Chahat enters the place where Neel is standing he exclaims how he was able to not trust Bopho and gets himself stupid, Chahat asks him to not say this around him because even though he is stupid yet they fixed everything and now nothing would be wrong, Neel thinks of how Bopho said that he saw Chahat breaking when they got the news of his death, Neel argues with her to never let him wander off, he hugs her after yelling that she is really awesome, Chahat walks away when she catches them both in the mirror.
Chahat orders that he should consider everything which Bopho says so that he never questions him, Neel remembers how Bopho said that Chahat has created to love him and he should ask her just once, Neel exclaims if she wants him to believe everything that he tells, he is about to say that Bopho was saying she has started to love him.
He pushes her sit down then explains that she will see the face of the person which she has begun to love and care for, she doesnot see anything clearly then she questions why is he doing this but Neel pushes her to be quiet, he mentions that the person for whom she can offer everything and the person who would sacrifice for her with happiness, he asks if she can see the face of anyone, Chahat is shocked to see the it is his face and waking up she walks away, he asks the title of the person, Chahat refuses to say anything saying that she was feeling of the diapers of Kripa as they have ended, Neel doesnot believe her then pushes her to tell the truth before she is able to, he brings a text.
Neel seeing the text run as the entrance slip of Chahat has been delivered to the house, he runs downstair, he is shocked to see that Viyas jee has taken the slip, he acts as if he is really angry over the fact that he started fighting with Bopho, Viyas jee affirm that he should not worry because nothing would ensue, Neel cleverly takes the title form the plain before running.
Neel trie to make sure that Chahat prepare well before the exams and he even hopes her luck before the exam, Chahat sits on her chair when the invigilator documents, he exclaims that someone very important has come to bless them all and it is Mant Viyas, Chahat instantly tries to hide as otherwise if Viyas jee sees her it would create a lot of crisis for her.

Qurbaan Hua 28th October 2020 Episode 99 Written Update

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