Qurbaan Hua 28th February 2020 Episode 4 Written Update

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Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date :28th February
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 28th February 2020

Chahat’s dupatta flys over Neil, he covers the diya with it then prays to god to give the entire happiness of the world to the person whose Dupatta it was, Chahat then moves ahead leaving behind the dupatta. Then Baleq comes to Neil asking if the Diya had quit then would be the marking of an event which would have ruined them all, Neil explains that he had controlled the entire condition but Baleq says from behind that he did not do it properly as if they did not come then his reputation in the world would have been ruined. Qurbaan Hua 28th February 2020
Neil tries to explain that he did all that he could but Viyas mentions that it was because of Baleq that the Diya is still alit otherwise they would have lost everything, Viyas mentions that he would have lost everything in a second, Viyas says that he tried to explain it to Sarsati that he was not worthy of this responsibility but she loves him to the amount that could hear anything that he was saying, Baleq is worried how the oil was spilling from the Diya, Viyas says that it is no excuse and he wanted to witness Neil not being able to fulfill his responsibility so was standing and seeing it all, Neil says that why did he not come to help him when he standing there, Viyas says that he has said it forty nine times but will say it for the fifth time that he is not worthy of the responsibility, then Neil responds by saying that he will say it fifty times that he doesnot want to become magnificent like him as he doesnot care for his relation, he starts ringing the bell of the Mandir which also causes Doubt in the hearts of Sarsati who comes to the Mandir wondering what might have happened.

Neil leaves after saying that he is not worthy to be like him, then Sarsati comes to see Neil is distress then when she asks him what has happened he explains that he can give his life for her but she will not require him to explain anything to Viyas, she tries to explain that he is their father but he says that Viyas is just her father as he lost both his father and mother when he was just eight years old.
He still remembers the last day of his mother and how she pleaded him to give her Sindoor and Ganga jal one last time but he could not leave the Pooja in the middle and so they lost their mother, he knows that his father doesnot consider him to be a blessing so he will leave and come back only for her as she is all that he has, when he leaves Sarsati prays to god to send someone who will remove the differences between both the father and Son.
Chahat comes back to her home, she is worried that she lost the Dupatta which belonged to her mother then she sees that her father is still awake he explains that he could not sleep until she came bac, then Ghazala comes to say that she could have left because of new friends which she had made so left as she considered them more important, Chahat gets amazed to hear this then when Mr Baig asks who they ae she mentions that she made them on social media, he leaves to get some sleep but before leaving asks Ghazala to give the keys of the nursing home to Chahat as he has to leave and nurse for the daughter of the minister. When he leaves Chahat stops Ghazala then says that she knows that she wants to send her away from the house, but she will never bear what she is trying to do as she cannot bear it any longer. Qurbaan Hua 28th February 2020
Sarsati comes to see her father relaxing and he has also not eaten anything, she tries to make him eat it but he says that he cannot as her brother filled it with his irresponsible behavior, she makes him eat it while tricking him to make he remember a Mantar,

Sarsati comes to ask her uncle where Neil is, he doesnot say anything as he had to keep a fast after her aunt made a wish which fulfilled, he explains that Neil is the kitchen of the Mandir, she goes to find him singing, when she inquiries about the dish he is making he says that he is making a sweet which will be the same as their mother, then he goes to get an ingredient requesting her to stir the pot, he leaves his phone behind, there is a call from Kallia Plumber, Sarsati answers to find out that it is a girl who quickly ends the call after hearing that it is his sister, When Neil comes back with the ingredient he asks if Viyas as stolen it as it is in such a large number, Sarsati explains that there is a shortage in the village, she very cleverly asks the truth about the girl, Neil says that her name is Meera and she is the second most beautiful girl after her, Sarsati asks how much time has it been going on for, he says that they have been dating for six months and he wants to marry her, she asks him to let her talk with their father as he will then let them both get married, Neil does not believe that Viyas will care for his wishes but reveals that he only needs her approval,
Mr Baig is driving when he encounters Viyas and they both block eachothers road, Baleq goes to ask Mr Baig to reverse his ca as Viyas is not well, Mr Baig quickly goes to check Viyas then when he opens his case Viyas sees the Quranic verse after which he immediately pulls back his hand, mentioning that he is apologetic but will not let him attend him as they are from different religions so letting him treat him is like committing a sin.

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