Qurbaan Hua 27th October 2020 Episode 98 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 27th October 2020 Full Episode 98 Latest Video By Zee5,Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 27th October 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 27th October 2020
Video SourceVkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 27th October 2020

Chahat names for her dad but he is not in the place she wonders where he might have gone, neil shouts that there is no one in the room and she has allowed Dr Baig in running, Neil holds her hand blaming her for supporting her father, then Chahat shows him the napkin which she shared top her father so that he can wipe off his tears, he says that then he learns who might have helped him as there is only one such individual and it is Misses Baig.
Ghazala sitting in the car is comfortable that she was able to save Dr Baig, she remember how she saw Neil standing in act of the room and when he went without being able to find Dr Baig, he left but then she saw Chahat reaching out of the room so was competent to rescue Dr Baig.
She orders the motorist to find another place where they can hide Dr Baig, the driver demonstrates that he doesnot have any money so when she brings out more money then find the tracker, she thinks that it would be Chahat so thinks that she would do all that she can to destroy Chahat.
Chahat in the place pleads with Neil to do anything that he can so that she is able to fulfill her father, Neil says that he knows that she would have moved back to the house so he will tell everyone the truth about her, when they get the house he asks Godambari where Sunita is, Godambari demonstrates that she has renounced the work and only registered a note.
Chahat gets a call from Ghazala, they both go into the place, she answers the call so Ghazala instantly starts threatening her that she tried double crossing but she would create sure that Chahat pays for what she has done she would just see her father when he dies, Chahat starts pleading demonstrating that she told her that Dr Baig has become a duty so she would lesson her burden as she can take care of her father. Ghazala replies that she should plead just like this, Neil puts the phone on the lecturer when he hears that she is saying that she would not let her complete her father, then Neil responds stating that she should never threaten Chahat as he is with her and if anything occurs to her he would make her life worse than suffering.

Ghazala gets bothered listening to his voice so takes out the sim and throws it on the street.
Neil secures Chahat that he would help her discover her daddy behind which they both would help him around to health but then she would allow him to ask how his sister died in his own manner without interfering, she decides to the idea, Neil asks why is she looking at him like this, Chahat says that she has started witnessing the change which she yearned for, Neil mentions that it is because of her he has chosen to give everyone a chance to explain themselves.
They both attend that kripa is crying, Chahat wonders if Misses Baig might have accomplished something, they run when Viyas jee explains that she began crying as they were playing so he feels that her vein might have reached up another. Chahat takes her from Viyas jee then heals her leg so she starts smiling, Viyas jee exclaims that she was just pretending to call Chahat as she has the tendency to cure the medical problems.
He exclaim that his daughter in law know how to care for other, further say that he feels she should have become a doctor, Neil mention that she could not as they need to have a strong mind which she doesnot have, Viyas jee say that he did not ask for his opinion so he should take kripa and feed her, Chahat also start walk when Viyas jee ask her to sit with him.
He explain that she would have learned about the medical issues from her father but has never told him anything about her biological father, Chahat tries to make an excuse say that she would explain about her father some other time as she has some work in the kitchen, Viyas jee order her to sit because there are also other women in the house.
Chahat starts demonstrating that his father Is the one who taught the distinction between the right and wrong, she explains that she was not like this in her youth and would play with the boys also when someone from the neighbours would whine for her father would not eat or party and would sleep, visiting which she would get embarrassed and not even think of doing anything that would ruin her father’s standing, she further explains that he would know when she felt anxious and scared and if she did anything commendable he would in mystery put two chocolates under her pillow using the cover of night which she would see in the dawn, she says that she even looks for them now but admits that she has not done anything to get them. Viyas jee steps explaining that Saraswati would also understand how he felt and that she would plant trees before Navratri that would produce a lot and also that she assured that she would make clothes for her daughter during the process.
Neil says that he would bring clothe for Chahat and Kripa, Viyas jee tires give him some money, he argue saying that he has adequately to take care of Chahat and kripa, Viyas jee refute say that he is give it because of love otherwise he would have to bear out the stick.
Viyas jee says to Chahat that he employed to hit Neil a lot as he was really mischievous. Chahat ensures that she would make sure he doesnot do it in the end, Neil inquires what they both are constellating around, Viyas jee says that they both are not great chefs like him but can assemble simple dishes. Neil says that she should not constipate roughly him with Viyas jee in the future, Chahat says that she doesnot know concerning their religious functions, he explains how they execute the Navratri, he says that he has to leave to but the dress but Chahat stops him saying that she would make it with her own writings as this was the wish of his sister, Neil thinks that he thought Saraswati was the only one but now understands Chahat is furthermore like his sister.

Qurbaan Hua 27th October 2020 Episode 98 Written Update

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