Qurbaan Hua 27th july 2020 Episode 29 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 27th july 2020 Full Episode 29 Latest Video By Zee5, Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 27th july 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 27th july 2020
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 27th july 2020

Chahat is running but seeing a pile of wood wonders what it is doing here and that it is a place to hide so she goes into it.
There are some people who have come to invite Viyas jee but Baleq mentions that he cannot come because of the incident that took place and he is not able to cope with the grief of Saraswati, Viyas stops him the mentions that he would surely come and it would be his honor but during the time of such a plague they should not have come without wearing a mask so that no one else catches it, he mentions that he has a request that only the members of his family be present at the role, then he orders Baleq to take care of the child.

Neil comes to search for Chahat but he finds someone who asks if he has come for the function because they have gone to call his father, Neil is about to leave but sees his family members coming including Viyas, they all ask that him that he could have come with them and also brought Chahat, Neil explains that because of the Virus it is taking time for Chahat to buy the clothes, Jamuna also mentions that some of his friends also came but left without buying anything, Viyas comes near the pile of wood and starts the prayer, they are praying in front of it while Chahat is thinking of what she should do
Dr Baig is constantly calling the name of Chahat, Ghazala is cleaning the utensils, she is frustrated mentioning that she never thought that they would have to live like this, Akram also asks when they will get the insurance money so that they can leave this place, she mentions that they will be able to get it within a day so she will only turn on her phone the next day.

Jamuna also asks Neil to come and take part in the pooja, after which Godambari starts pouring the oil on the pile o wood, she mentions that they should make sure that it lits properly which scares Chahat as she is hiding inside it, Viyas starts reciting the Mantar then is about to lights the entire pile of wood, they all pray in front of it, Neil is also there, Chahat starts remembering how the fire burned their house,

Neil asks if he can leave as Chahat is alone in the market, he turns and is about to leave when he sees her clothes in the pile of wood, he yells her name which amazes Viyas and he asks how did she get in there, Neil tries to help her while Viyas pleads with him to be careful, they are able to save her, but she is unconscious.

In the house Chahat is still unconscious, Viyas mentions that he cannot understand how his wife got into the pile of wood, Neil mentions that he knows who did it and it is because of Dr Baig who would have send the goons after her because he had people search and they know that Baig has not come into their village, Godambari names that she would apply the medicine on her, Jamuna mentions that he is happy to know that Neil cares for his wife, they both leave.

Godambari mentions to Baleq that she cannot understand why Dr Baig would send goons after Chahat, Baleq explains that it is not the case because Dr Baig is only a nice person, it is him who made him feel like a bad person in the eyes of everyone.
Neil wonders what he should do and he has to find the diary, then he searches for it and finds the diary he finds the name of Ghazala, who is her step mother, he starts searching for random numbers to find the correct contact number.
Godambari exclaims that she would make sure that they find the contact of her family as it has become a necessary which they have to fulfill.

Neil is searching for the number but Chahat wakes up and is restless calling for her mother, he realizes that she calms down when the decoration creates a sound, he therefor goes out of the window and blows right beside it causing a noise which calms down Chahat and she sleeps, he exclaims the only reason he is doing this is because he wants that there be no disturbance so that she can sleep peacefully.

Qurbaan Hua 27th july 2020 Episode 29 Written Update

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