Qurbaan Hua 27th February 2020 Episode 3 Written Update

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Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date :27th February
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 27th February 2020

Mr Baig is about to kiss Chahat’s forehead, he is stopped by Ghazala who points towards the Sindoor on Chahat’s forehead, Mr Baig is stunned, Chahat explains that it was just a mistake and the thing on her head is of Hindu ritual but is just a mistake, Mr Baig understands that his daughter can never make such a mistake, Ghazala scolds her when her son comes to the room pleading with her to stop yelling as it will lead to severity in her illness, then when Mr Baig is praising his daughter, Ghazala hints her son to burn the name tag in the fire, seeing which Mr Baig gets really angry advising his wife to teach her son some manners, Chahat’s pleads with her father to forgive Aslam as he used to explain that the one who forgives is always of a higher character.

Viyas is leading the yatra, Sarsati’s husband comes to him asking that he forgive his son, however Viyas is rigid mentioning that he will never change his decision of not allowing Neil to lead the yatra even when it was his wish as he did not come to the Pooja, Neil comes to the front, he requests Viyas to hand him the thali but Viyas refuses to do so, he draws a line from the Sindoor ordering Neil to stand on the other side, he only allows Neil to lead the yatra when he has got a bath and purified himself, Sarsati comes running and sends Neil to take a bath, Sarsati is asked to send Neil to the Mandir after he has taken the bath.
Chahat reaches the bank of the river, she washes her hand and is about to wash her face when the clothing of a man twists in the rock and she feels irritated by it, then wondering whose it might be she spots Neil, then tries calling him so as to be able to give him his clothes, but he is not listening to any of her calls which makes her wonder what has happened with him,

She picks up the clothes then starts shouting at him asking if he is deaf as he is not listening to anything that she is saying even when she is trying o help him, he looks angrily at her then realizes that he is not wearing his clothes, he orders her to give him his clothes as otherwise he will come in hust the underwear, when he is about to come outside, she gets worried then gives him the clothes and runs away,

Neils Aunt is preparing the Roghni, she gets angry when her husband tries to take a bite, he comes to her then asks her to not be bad as Neil is just a child, she drops the utensil on his feet then explains that the pain which he is feeling is like the same pain which she feels everyday as it was the idea of Viyas Ji who asked them to build their house at that location and when it got destroyed he brought them House but the truth is that he treats them like servants, she plans to destroy the Bhog as when Neil will not be able to make it then it will ruin his reputation, she spills the water in an attempt to distinguish the fire of the stove but as the water is about to stop the fire, Sarsati comes to stop, her aunt acts as if she cares a lot for Neil then leaves after making an excuse to dry the clothes. Qurbaan Hua 27th February 2020

Me Baig has hosted a feast in the honour of his daughter, his guests come to greet him and give their praise on his daughter clearing the medical exams, Mr Baig explains that he will more proid when she is able to become a reputed gynaecologist, they both wish her, he asks about Chahat, Me Baig points to the stairs from where Chahat is coming down, she is topped by Ghazala who scolds her for wearing inappropriate clothes, Mr Baig praises her mentioning that she is looking the same as her mother in her dress, Chahat goes to her after where he praises her for her beauty, Aslam comes to Ghazala saying that he even cares for dress of his dead wife without even caring for them.
Viyas come to Neil ordering him to put more oil in the Diya otherwise it will not remain lit for the night, Sarsati comes in front asking Viyas to not worry as Neil will fulfil the responsibility with all hs might, Viyas suggests that they given this responsibility to Balik as then he would be able to sleep in peace, Sarsati pleads with him to give Neil a chance as he wants to fulfil it with his heart, Viyas is not able to believed how she trusts him so much then leaves. Qurbaan Hua 27th February 2020

Sarsati comes to sit with Neil explaining that he has been given the opportunity to protect the Diya with all his strength, she mentions that a lot of people are jealous as it is their family which gets the chance to protect and if the Diya stops then it will lead to their father bearing shame, Neil doesnot care for his father’s respect as he was not able to become a good father, Sarsati exclaims that she is always there for him, she asks him to smile and fulfil his duty with all his strength.

Mr Baig exclaims how proud he is feeling because of his daughter, then Gahazla comes asking her to come as she wants to introduce her to some guests, Chahat moves ahead with her, she explains that one of her father’s patients is ill so they have to give them the medicine but she cannot ask him to do so as there are guests, Chahat gets ready to do it and after taking the address leaves, Ghazala smiles thinking that Chahat should have looked as there is any address.

Sarsati exclaims that everyone loved the sweets which Neil prepared, then she drops the sugar pot, Mami exclaims that this might be because Neil might have not be able to let the fire lit, Sarsati prays to god to give someone who can help Neil.

Chahat reaches the temple and thinks that it is he only address remaining, there is a strong wind which blows off her dupatta and it falls on Neil who quickly wraps it around the Diya and stops the leak. Chahat wonders where her Dupatta has gone and what she will do now.

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