Qurbaan Hua 24th August 2020 Episode 49 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 24th August 2020 Full Episode 49 Latest Video By Zee5, Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 24th August 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 24th August 2020
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 24th August 2020

Jamuna tries to defend Neil by saying that he will be able to find a job when the hotels opens, Viyas jee disagrees mentioning that he knew what the situation was when he married Chahat and the situation in life is always of a challenge and in order live through it he must have the courage to take responsibility, Neil says that he should never talk of responsibility because they all have seen how well he has fulfilled the responsibility of a father, Neil takes up the plate and is about to go his room, he says to Viyas that he doesnot understand the logic as Viyas jee wants to keep Chahat hungry in order each him to be responsible, he also says that Chahat should not be a part of this and take the food from the kitchen.

Viyas jee gets mad and emotional when Neil leaves, he also doesnot any food and leaves them all, Chahat wonders why Allah is doing this because once again the father and son are in a state of war.
Chahat is in the room and really tensed about what would happen because she cannot control her hunger so must need something to eat, Neil comes into the room with sweets asking that Chahat eat them because she might be feeling really hungry, Chahat however refuses to eat anything until Viyas jee orders her to eat, he says that he knows she will eat the chips and so tries to sleep, Chahat tries to perform yoga while Neil thinks that she is eating something, he gets amazed at what she is doing then asks her to eat and also makes a sandwich but she refuses to eat anything and sleeps mentioning that he is the sole breadwinner of the house and has responsibilities which he must fulfil.

In the morning Jamuna is raising slogans for independence when Chahat mentions that they had gained independence almost seventy years ago, Jamuna explains that his history is a little hasty because he had to ring the bell of the Mandir a hundred times with his head, she seeing the injury asks that he consult a doctor as it can be dangerous, Jamuna agrees to her advice.
Neil is really worried and walking in Bopho’s shop, he asks Neil to stop this as otherwise he would get ill, Neil mentions that he is feeling bad for Chahat as she would also not eat until Viyas jee has eaten then he wonders where he would get a job, Bopho says that he can work in his shop as a chef which would also fulfil his dream of relaxing, Neil agrees mentioning that he should also set up a banner and then there will be a lot of customers in his shop because what he will make will be really special.

Godambari is cleaning the house when Chahat comes down stairs, Godambari exclaims that she is a really strong sleeper as she woke very late, Chahat explains that she was not able to wake up because of not eating anything, Godambari orders her to clean the house until she comes from the vegetable market, Chahat hears on the radio that someone has listed a missing report in the urdu newspaper, she wonders if her father has also given an add but she has no idea how she can go to get the newspaper, Godambari slips from the stairs hurting her ankle Chahat seeing the opportunity mentions that she can go and leaves the house, she takes a newspaper and is reading it when Baleq along with Viyas jee are discussing about the setting up of polio centre outside the Mandir, Baleq goes to get his phone when Viyas jee sees Chahat, he inquires what she is doing there. Chahat gets nervous and he asks what has happened, she is not able to answer, Baleq also comes asking her what she is doing alone, he exclaims that she is hiding something and asks her to show what she is hiding, she revels the newspaper, he asks what concern does she have with urdu language, Chahat explains that she came for shopping and saw the jalebi so could not resist and bought them.

Jamuna also comes to them and exclaims that he is really happy she sent him to the doctor because now he can learn everything, Viyas jee is angry to see him, then Chahat pleads with him to eat the jalebi as it is not done in their house.
Viyas jee sits in the chair and is not eating anything, Godambari says that she cannot make her points in front of Viyas jee and also has not eaten anything, Jamuna says that she had eaten breakfast in the day. But Godambari refuses to let him tell the truth, Viyas jee still refuses to eat anything explaining that he will not eat anything until Neil is the one to earn the money, he says that nothing can happen to him and he will be alright, Baleq exclaims that he will not let anything happen to him so he will massage his feet, Viyas is very happy with Baleq and leaves the hall, Godambari takes the jalebi and also asks Chahat to eat something as she would not be able to remain hungry.

There is a call on the phone, Chahat says it and it is Neil who quickly orders her to come to the shop of Bopho as there has been an emergency, when she reaches there Bopho is lost, Neil asks her to take care of him, she asks for water then wakes him up, he exclaims that he has not eaten anything because Neil is also hungry, Chahat is really snowed with Neil mentioning that he also cares for his family, he gets into an argument and accidently steps on Bopho, Chahat says that he must leave the shop as she will take care of Bopho alone, Neil is made to leave.

Qurbaan Hua 24th August 2020 Episode 49 Written Update

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