Qurbaan Hua 21st October 2020 Episode 93 Written Update

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Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 21st October 2020
Video SourceVkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 21st October 2020

Ghazala Baig wear her mask and is about to leav when Neil see the room enter it to find Chahat already sit there, he is shocked to see that she is already sit there so ask what is she doing sit there, Chahat mention that she was the one sent the message so that she break the marriage of Naveli.
Godambari say that she would have to talk with Baleq but Naveli mention that she cannot talk after what has happened the previous night, she explain how she was about to be killed by Baleq, Godambari exclaim that he should not have done this Naveli is not alone, then she mention that she would make sure that Naveli gets married to Baleq as this is her promise.

Chahat cries that she purposefully sent the messages, Neil gets really angry and tries to choke her but then mentions that she used to advise him that he must not take any judgment in anger so he learns that she was not the real culprit but then Chahat mentions that she is getting her crime so why does he not punish her.
Godambari is hitting Naveli who is pleading with her to stop beating her, jamuna and Viyas jee stop her questioning what the reason is. Godambari cries that she should have killed after she was born because some decorator saw the individual who sent the messages using Chahat’s mobile and it was no different than Naveli who did it for her boyfriend, who has left her when he arrived to know of her wedding. Viyas jee exclaim that Naveli never thought of the reputation of their family when she blamed Chahat as they have punished her severely when Chahat was just try to protect their family so how could she do this, Viyas jee exclaim that he cannot even think of how he would face Chahat when she was tell the truth.
Neil shouts that Chahat should say all that she want but he knows that she is innocent, because he understands who she is trying to protect, then he takes out a banner offering her the photo of Dr Baig and Ghazala, Chahat asks where did he bring the photo.

Viyas jee comments that she lied for a individual who is not even willing to hold her hand, Jamuna asks her who would marry her now, Godamabari is also berating her and calling names saying that she would not get matched now, Godambari then exclaims that there is only one way in which she could get matched, Jamuna asks what is the way, she then goes to Viyas jee saying that it is only possible when she becomes the mom of Kripa after marrying Baleq as everyone is already familiar how close she is with kripa, jamuna cannot stand it so questions her what is she trying to say, Godambari turns to Viyas jee saying that if they get Naveli and Baleq married then even Baleq would have help in growing the child while kripa would also get a mom, Viyas jee gets really angry, Godambari asks if she has something bad, Viyas jee says that he needs some time to take the conclusion, Godambari exclaims that he can take all the time he wants but should believe that it is the lifelong decision of her daughter, Godamabari believes that even now if Baleq refuses she would inform everyone that Baleq extinguished Saraswati.
Neil takes Chahat where he saw the poster, he reveals that he saw the picture of her stepmother with Dr Baig so came to know that she was living in their home as Sunita and she is protecting her, Chahat mentions that he should not question her as she only came to know today that Ghazala is living in their house as Sunita, Neil holds her by the shoulder saying that he trusts her so they should leave for the house.

Naveli is not able to settle down Kripa, Godambari asks what the issue is as she would have to take care of Kripa after getting married to Baleq, Naveli denies saying that she cannot do this, Godambari exclaims that she would keep to do this till the moment Chahat comes into the house because before then she must take care of her otherwise she would not get married to Baleq, Naveli declares that she cannot alter the diapers of Kripa, Godambari says that she has had no difficulty in having an affair with a married man, Sunita comes offering some help, Godambari questions that she is here and she thought that she would run out after sending the message, Godambari exclaims that she should not meddle in their household affairs as she had to take the blame on their head, Sunita seeks her apology stating that she was just trying to help then, Godambari and Naveli escape her, Sunita states that she should not save any hopes with them both as they might also show the fact Infront of Viyas jee.
Neil mention that when he came to know that Ghazala is live in their house and even tried to get him kill then he remembered how his sister informed him of what was wrong, he say that he remembered how she was the one behind everything then he came to know how she was behind everything as she placed the egg and even mixed the drink with poison so if she came Infront of her with the veil.
Then Neil say that Miss Baig doesnot love her, Chahat ask him how he came to know, Neil exclaim that it was nothing to think as she left her in their house so if she love her then would have taken her away, Neil ask her why her father marriy Ghazala, Chahat explain how her mother died but just before her end she made her promise that she would not talk rudely with the wife of her father but after Ghazala matched her father she changed and did everything she could to ruin her relationship with her dad which she could not bear, Sunita thinks that she has also ordered her to take care of Kripa who is only calm when Chahat is about her.
Neil exclaims that it is the fault of Dr Baig as he matched the wrong women, he mentions that if she wants to save her future life then should tell him the location of her killer father who killed his sister, as he knows that her stepmother would have described her.

Qurbaan Hua 21st October 2020 Episode 93 Written Update

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