Qurbaan Hua 20th july 2020 Episode 24 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 20th july 2020 Full Episode 24 Latest Video By Zee5, Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 20th july 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 20th july 2020
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 20th july 2020

Chahat plans to inform Viyas jee of the entire truth that her father tried his best to save Saraswati but was not able to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Viyas mentions that there has not been a single when he has not cried after remembering her, he lights the cracker and Viyas jee is not able to breathe he starts to cough and also feels itching in his eyes, Chahat recognizes the smell wondering from where did this sodium hydro peroxide came as this will cause him to loose his blindness, she runs towards him and throws the cracker away, she explains that this cracker has a chemical that has the ability to take the eyesight of anyone who touches them.
Neil seeing her thinks that she might try to take revenge as he blames his father for the death of his sister, when she stops him they all gather asking what has happened, she explains the entire situation to them to which Neil explains that she used to run a campaign against the fire crackers even in Delhi but he will make her understand that it is nothing to worry about, he also takes her aside.

Neil asks what is she trying to do as he knows that she was trying to take revenge for what he did to her, she gets tensed mentioning that she does not know how to make him understand that his father was about to lose his eyesight, Neil stops her mentioning that he does not believe in anything that she is mentioning as he knows that their entire family including her are murderers, she responds that she cannot even pray to Allah so that he might realize the truth as the pain that is caused because seeking revenge remains for lifetime but the relation that used to exists seizes to, he responds that she is praying he be punished but he will make sure that she gets what she deserves as he will every9one her truth and she is aware of what they will do to her, Chahat gets scared but thinks that there is nothing in this world when her father is not with her,

Neil takes her to the function and is about to announce the truth when the police come and explain that Dr Baig is still alive which makes everyone feel full of rage. Chahat feels relieved that her prayers are met.

Mr baig tries to get up mentioning that he needs to go back and meet Chahat as otherwise she will be in a lot of trouble, Ghazala stops him from getting up mentioning that those people hurt him to the extent that he is not even able to get up which is why she had their car thrown in the hill, so that they leave them alone.

Viyas is not able to control his emotions and mentions that if Baig is alive then they would not celebrate any happiness, he then orders them to turn off all the lights. Mr Baig asks them why she could not wait for more than five minutes. Ghazala mentions that she left because she saw that their house was in fire after a huge bang, in which she saw that their daughter died, Baig was not able to control his emotions and kneels down.

Neil si walking when he sees that Chahat is lighting firecrackers, he goes to her when she mentions that when he was celebrating she was not able to do anything but now knowing that her father is alive she will have the courage to live her life once again.

Baleq is thrashing the room, he is angry because Dr Baig is still, alive, he is therefor in trouble as they can come and inform everyone of the truth at any time, Godambari enters the room she mentions that he does not have to worry as she is with him and they have the same goal to snatch the seat from Viyas, Naveli also consoles Baleq assuring that her mother is on their side, she mentions that she has convinced Viyas Jee that the police would not be able to find Dr Baig so he has allowed her to use any resources that she needs to find Dr Baig.

Chahat is really happy to hear that her father is alive, she wonders who she could tell what Saraswati wanted to inform her about the night she died, she goes to Naveli’s who is really happy to see her new phone, Chahat remembers that she said that her boyfriend was not at all rich, so she asks her how he could afford such an expensive gift, Naveli gets frustrated with her so warns her to not worry as there are a lot of people who can take care of her, she throws her out of her room.

In the morning Viyas is praying, he calls Saraswati to come and clean his glasses, Chahat walks behind his back listening to his calls, she goes to sit beside him then takes out the glasses, he without seeing mentions that she should not come running as it is not good for her, he asks her to again make him wear it, when he wears it he is left shocked seeing that it is Chahat, Neil pulls her aside asking why did she eat his paratha, she refuses to accept that she eat it but he picks her up, she asks why does he do it to which he mentions that she is feeling a little heavy. Jamuna then comes eating the paratha he mentions that his aunt kept a fast and he was not allowed to eat but he could not control.

Baleq calls them outside, he informs them that he saw Dr Baig in Mandi and they should search each and every lane, he is about to leave when Jamuna stops him by saying that it is better he stay with the child as they are enough to find Baig, Neil also advises that he remain in the house,
Chahat hears their conversation, she is worried about how she will inform her family members about the worsening situation, she sees the laptop then thinks of making an id on the game which her brother plays.

Neil asks Jamuna to go and search for him and he will go with Neil who is also eager to help them, they leave when Chahat finds her brother, she sends him the request but he declines it as he does not know who is it with her name, Neil comes from behind inquiring what she is up to, Neil si not even able to respond.

Qurbaan Hua 20th july 2020 Episode 24 Written Update

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