Qurbaan Hua 18th August 2020 Episode 45 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 18th August 2020 Full Episode 45 Latest Video By Zee5, Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 18th August 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 18th August 2020
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 18th August 2020

Chahat enters the kitchen, she wonders what she will do as she doesnot know anything about the dishes as she is the expert of science and has no knowledge in cooking, she thinks of a dish which she would make for everyone.
Baleq says to Godambari that Chahat will cook even a more tasty dish than Neil so they will not have the keys anymore, Godambari exclaims that nothing of this sort would happen, Naveli inquires if she would still get the scooty as Godambari promised that she would take small amounts of money from the locker and would then buy her what she wished for, Godambari in anger turns scolding her for being too impatient as she would still have the keys after Chahat presents the dish in mask of Viyas.
Chahat in the kitchen thinks how she was not even able to cook noodles, she recalls how her father helped her in cooking a lentil dish that is favoured in their region, she starts cooking the dish and places the lentils in a pressure cooker.

Baleq informs Godambari she should stop taking Chahat because she Is really clever and has been causing problems ever since she came into this house as it has led to a new blast, Godambari says that the blast would happen now because the pressure cooker in the kitchen doesnot have a whistle and the news of a blast in the kitchen is a normal day routine for them, all of them wait for their plan to accomplish.
Chahat starts to prepare the spices praying to Allah that everything happens accordingly as it is a matter of her reputation, she exclaims that cooking is not as difficult as she thought.

Godambari exclaims that Chahat made a fun of her after applying the colour and now would have to pay with the blast of the pressure cooker, Chahat is working and doesnot know that the pressure cooker is not giving a whistle, Baleq says that he told her after seeing her hand that she is an evil soul, Godambari mentions that she would get some characteristics of Rawan after living in the same house they hear a blast and think that it would be of the cooker. All of them run to find the kitchen in ruins but no sign of her, Chahat comes from behind with gollu, she mentions that she went up after she came to know that gollu was crying, Godambari asks her to take care of the kitchen and clean the mess which she has created, Chahat again places the cooker praying that nothing wrong happens this time, Neil is hiding and he promises that he would never let her make a daal, he makes the whistle while Chahat thinks that the daal has cooked, she lifts the lid but cannot understand why it is not cooked, Neil gets up and starts making fun of her.

He taunts her by saying that she cannot even cook and is not good looking, he therefor is worried about her husband, he also points towards the spice which has burned, she get mad at him when he starts asking stupid questions about why potato is not known in Urdu as potator, she gets mad and places a tomato in his mouth forcing him to leave, she wonders that she would not go in front of Viyas jee, she decides to be properly dressed.

Chahat leaves the kitchen, Neil enters and adds a lot of spice to the daal as he exclaims that Chahat should never get the keys, Chahat serves the food, Baleq questions as to why has she not cooked any other dish made of vegetable, she responds that she has only made this single dish. Neil also asks why has she not cooked any exotic dish, she explains that it is to remind of her family as someone very close to her preferred it, Naveli asks why has she gotten emotional because of some dish, Viyas exclaims that those whose hearts are clear act like this and if this dish reminds Chahat of her family then why can they not eat it, as lord Ram also ate it, Jamuna asks her to serve the dish, Viyas jee eats it and coughs, Chahat worries if it is not cooked properly but he mentions that it is okay, Jamuna also after eating exclaims that it is both fresh and sour just like his relation with Godambari.

Neil and Godambari both wonder how could their plan have failed, Chahat however thanks Allah for his help, she after eating the dish thinks that it has cooked a lot better than what she thought, she remembers her father thinking that he would have been very proud, Viyas sees her emotions, then exclaims that he knows she is missing her father but should know that her father in law is just like her father as he really loved the food, both Godambari and Neil are left perplexed while Chahat is really happy.

Viyas jee after eating the dish hands over the keys to Chahat after taking them from Godambari, Neil is hitting the photos of Chahat with darts, she enters the room asking what he is doing, he exclaims that he is taking out his anger, she doesnot leave, he sees the keys then demands that she give them to him, she responds that she was given these keys so would not give him, he forcefully takes them and it ruins her sarree, she gets mad exclaiming that he doesnot know how long It takes to tie a sarree, he helps her in fixing a sarree, she says that he must do it with his eyes open otherwise would be pinched, he asks her to let him do what he wants then finally finishes helping her, when he turns she again takes out the keys, he asks her to hand them over but she responds by saying that the keys were given to her by Viyas jee so she would keep them safe. He says that he would again take the keys from her in just thirty minutes.

Qurbaan Hua 18th August 2020 Episode 45 Written Update

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