Qurbaan Hua 17th March 2020 Episode 16 Written Update

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Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date :17th March 2020
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 17th March 2020

Gutambari asks how can Viyas take such a girl at this time, Neil takes her hand and is about to leave, Gutambari mentions that how can anyone accept the girl because of whose coming their family member died, Viyas mentions that he will allow Neil to marry her as it was the wish of Sarasvati to get them both married so he will accept their marriage.
Neil tries to explain the state, Viyas says that he has not taken his blessings for the past fifteen years but he must accept the wish of his dead sister whom he considered to be his mother, he must stay in the house until he gets married after the mourning period is over, Neil tries to explain saying that he will not fulfil the rituals when his sister has just died, Viyas mentions that even when they both know how they feel for each other, he wants to fulfil the wish of her daughter so that when he prays staring at the sky, he is not ashamed.

Aaleq comes running, he exclaims that they all know Neil, he is sure that Neil will not fulfil the wish of his sister, Jamuna comes forward requiring the name from Chahat, she after a pause says her real name which makes everyone angry after hearing it, then jamuna is asked to take her in when Viyas asks him to do so, Neil stops them from taking her inside by saying that she must first be cleansed as Sarasvati would also want the same.
Chahat is thanking him for helping her as if he had not made the excuse then they would not be able to come out of the house, she claims that her father was really worried for his sister, when she was ill and he would be really happy to know that Neil saved the life of his daughter.

Neil is holding her hand really tightly and when asked he explains that the only reason he kept her alive was because he wants to reach her father because he is a murderer and a runaway, Chahat exclaims that he must not think like this as her father is not a murderer, and he only tried to help his sister.
Neil explains that he only wants her to tell the truth of where he father is, he keeps pushing her inside the river and keeps asking her where her father is, she keeps denying that he has done anything wrong, Neil also keeps pushing her in the river, when he exclaims that her father is a killer and he will not forgive him, she gets unconscious and starts to drift away in the water, Neil swims after her then brings her back ashore, where they both are catching their breath.

Neil says that he will not let her die so easily and he will kill her each and every day until her father comes to him, she says that she has been taught a lot of things but not to run away, she sticks on her view that her father is innocent, she even challenges him by saying that she will prove that her father is innocent, Neil accepts the challenge and asks her to hurry as he will never place the Sindoor on the mang of the daughter of a killer.
Aaleq is crying where Jamuna comes asking what has happened he yells that he was thinking of Sarasvati, jamuna mentions that she was a really nice girl, Naveli comes with the medicine and insists that she will use it, then she says that he is a good actor, Aaleq mentions that there is nothing on this earth which he cannot handle.

Gutambari comes with a coat, she exclaims that she found in their house, Aaleq informs that it belonged to Baiq who ran away and left huis coat, she plans to throw it but Viyas stops them by saying that they will see that the coat has drops of Sarasvati’s blood and so everyone in the family will hit it with stones until they find him, Aaleq also suits with them all, Neil says that he is right and the first one to do it will be Chahat as she is the new member of the family, Chahat is hesitant but is forced by Chahat who says that she must all of her force and imagine that the disgusting Baiq is standing in front of her, she must hit him with enough strength that every bone in his body breaks, she takes the stone but remembers how her father used to make each and every thing for her, Neil asks why is she so nervous then also explains that she said to him that they must take revenge of his sister as she was not able to meet Sarasvati but will take revenge for her.

She is not able to throw it, Neil seeing this asks to help her then comes closer to her holding her hands, he says that he will make her throw stones at her father no matter what happens, she is not able to break free from his hands grip.

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