Qurbaan Hua 16th November 2020 Episode 115 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 16th November 2020 Full Episode 115 Latest Video By Zee5,Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 16th November 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 16th November 2020
Video SourceVkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 16th November 2020

In the kitchen Chahat looks about for a pot to boil moisture, she will tend Neel’s bruises. Godambari contributes to boil water. Baleq creates a call for firework, as Neel has born. Chahat comes to Baleq and says it handles really strange, he decided to marry her within few daylights of Neel’s death and now marking Neel’s return. She asks why she had stood dizzy for days. Baleq says it wasn’t leisurely for him either, he did everything for her health’s sake. Godambari gets the pool of water. Naveli questions Godambari why she enabled Chahat. Godambari states it is salt water. Neel must cry of pain and burning scrapes.
Before Neel could put a cloth work on Neel’s face, Viyas Jee hits the door. Neel questions why he reached now. When he caught his face outside, he withdrew his eyes. Viyas Jee decides he should have hugged Neel at earlier, it was his mistake. He place a needle over a candle love nearby to punish himself. Neel and Chahat destroy him. Neel disguises his face again. Viyas Jee voices he tried to touch the pain Neel moved through. Neel couldn’t identify his looks, it was shock and respect for Neel. He wondered what hurt Neel must have run through. Neel turns to Viyas Jee. Father-son share a lengthy, teary hug.
Godambari awaited Neel’s cry. Viyas Jee says he liked to come to Neel long back. He was busy designing Chandan’s laip for Neel to ease his distress. Chahat was happy. Viyas Jee brings the pot of water out.
Outside in the lobby, Godambari gets the pot from Viyas Jee. She says it is okay Chahat tapped Neel’s face with friendly water. Viyas Jee says he passed Chandan laip and Chahat is using it over Neel’s face.
At 5 am, Chahat awakens Neel up when he stood sleepy. She brings him to corridor out. Chahat asks him to tear off his shirt. He jokes that she isn’t his wifey. Chahat replies she is being a exemplary physician. She applies the cream on his bruises.
Early morning, Bhopu arrives to meet Neel. He was excited and plugs full day festivities for Neel’s return. Neel brings him inside for tea. Krippa was calling in Baleq’s arms. Godambari grabs her and says Krippa is scared of Neel’s burnt look. Viyas Jee arrives to berate Godambari. Chahat abides Krippa and gives her to Neel forcibly. Krippa’s moans turn to laughters and she forms recreating. Chahat now questions Godambari and tells the inside of creatures show on their face. Krippa can just see what’s inside Neel, and she is satisfied as it is pure.
In the room, Chahat connects photos of Neel in the room. He bans her share the shots to anyone. He asks Chahat to do the cash allocation of temple. Chahat says Viyas Jee likes him to gather all prayers and gifts of people after the mishap. She asks him to order coins, till then she has an arrangement with cosmetologist. She took his photos for it.
Outside, Baleq tells Godambari to see what he accomplishes to Neel. Chahat attends this and questions him of his intentions. She asks Baleq what the two of them were accomplishing in factory that day. Baleq states they went to complete the lessor of factory. He is marketing the plant, and Viyas Jee points of arranging up medicine factory. Godambari exemplifies that she and Naveli pursued Chahat to the factory. Chahat leaves. Godambari believes that neither she, not Baleq spilt the molten lava. She wonders who want to bring Chahat’s life.
There, Ghazala offers another injection to working Dr. Baig.
Chahat arrives to the van. She smears Baleq nearby the plant and moves to hear his exchange. Baleq bribed a guy and apprised him to do his appointment neatly. Chahat attends the cries of a canine and goes to rescue him from inside a huge clay pot inside a truck. Baleq had boarded the truck. It starts to move. Chahat was entrapped inside the clay pot.

Qurbaan Hua 16th November 2020 Episode 115 Written Update

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