Qurbaan Hua 15th March 2021 Episode 211 Written Update

Chahat entered the house she saw with a gun pointed at Dr. Baig. Both of them were struggling, and Neel accidentally shot Dr. Baig, which put all of them in trouble.Qurbaan Hua 15th March 2021 Episode 211 Written Update

Not long ago, Baleq put something in the coals and produced heavy smoke. When Jamuna saw Naveli disappearing, everyone tried to hold their breath. Neel When they opened the door, they all arrived outside the restaurant. Godambari declared that Naveli could not be found, Visiya Sahil and Ghazala could not question Chahart either where is it. Nord Godri begged him to rescue his sister. Neil recalled that when he saw Naveli wearing Muslim clothes, he even tried to reason with her, but Baleq went from behind. When they come, they are asked if they still can’t understand the price they have to pay. Jamuna believes in another religious believer and therefore cannot make Naveli part of his revenge.

Baleq arrived and handed Neel a sword. He mentioned that when Neel declared that fighting was not the only way to end the war, he should cut off anyone who walked forward. He once believed in him, but he would never make any mistakes, nor Believe that Chahat will be confused before this, unless confirmed, otherwise he will all be abandoned.

Chahat was in the trunk and couldn’t even tell Neel where she was. She recalled that when the smoke was around, she was trying to hold her breath when she came out, and when she saw Ghazala and Sahil with Naveli, she even called Nepal. But he didn’t listen. She saw that the trunk of the car was open, so she could hide in it. She determined to rescue Navigli from Sahil and Ghazala and others, otherwise there would be a gap between the two communities. Fighting broke out again.

Neel rushed to the house called Naveli. The guards tried to stop him, but Neil had a fight with him. He was able to overwhelm the guards and called Navigli. He angrily fell down the house. Dr. Bagh came out and explained that they would not take Navigli so easily. When Lee handed over to him, he would have to take him hostage. This was the only way. He took out a gun and asked Neel to put it on his head, but Neel refused to do so. Dr. Baig explained that it was The only way to save his wife and sister. Qurbaan Hua 15th March 2021 Episode 211

The car drove into the house, Ghazala asked Sahil to take Naveli to the storage room, where she would place some guards to protect him, Chahat thought she would have to take care of the situation and protect Naveli, Ghazala walked into the house but was shocked by him. Seeing Neel aiming at Dr. Baig with a gun, he threatened to kill Dr. Baig, which worries Ghazala.

When a servant opened the trunk, Chahat was struggling. Chahat rushed into the house, but was shocked to see Neel pointing a gun at her father. She tried to fight He reasoned to let his father leave, but Dr. Bagh warned that they would not let Navelli live until he threatened him. When the bullet hit him, Neil struggled with Dr. Berger, and Neil couldn’t believe it when the light went out. , They both heard two gunshots first, then turned on the lights, and Chahat rushed towards him. Her father wanted to see if there was a pulse, she turned around and was shocked to see Neel also lying on the floor.

Chahat recalled that when the lights went out, Neel was shot and killed. Ghazala asked Chahat if Baig Sahib was okay. When Chahat mentioned that there was no pulse, she recalled that her father would be excited when he reached any milestone and she left him. , Ghazala was crying too, Chahat sat on the floor again, Ammi Jan entered the house, she couldn’t understand what happened, Ammi Jan was nervous after seeing Neel, and then shocked to see Rahil Baig also shot, Ammi Jan asked What happened? When Chahat was reciting the verses memorized when he died, Ammi Jan argued that this could not happen, and Ghazala claimed that it was because of Neel who was widowed. Chahat argued that her husband was innocent, and Sahil also came to ask Dr. Baig of Ghazala that he was no longer alive because Neel murdered him.

Chahat once again declared that she was not a murderer. Chahat saw him moving, so she rushed towards him while trying to save his life. Ammi Jan angrily asked why she wanted to save the person responsible for his death. Her father Chahat did not believe them that she knew he was powerless, and Ghazala said she should let him die because he was their culprit. Chahat mentioned that she could not lose her husband because she had lost her father. Sahil asked her if she thought he would let Dr. Baig’s killer survive. He pointed the gun at Neel.

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