Qurbaan Hua 12th March 2021 Episode 210 Written Update

Ghazala praised Chahat for taking revenge so cleverly because she was able to marry Naveli to Sahil. Qurbaan Hua 12th March 2021 Episode 210 Written Update Chahat asked if Ghazala suggested that she was behind the marriage. Vyas je questioned why she dared to take such a step.

Not long ago Neel was performing a Pooja ceremony. Chahat tried his best to chase Naveli and tried to make her know nothing about her, but Naveli left by car, Chahat tried to call Neel, but he didn’t answer because he was performing, Chahat couldn’t. After catching up with the car, Alakh Nanda seized the mobile phone and wondered if it was important, but Godambari snatched the mobile phone and said that she should not divert her attention.
Naveli was in the car and after calling Sahil, she asked where they should meet, because she had managed to escape the house. Sahil suggested that both of them should get married first, otherwise her family would be powerless. Ask her to meet him on the back of Ram Mandir.

Chahat saw the car stop, but there was no one in the car. Sahil asked Ghazala to wait for the final preparations. She recalled why Chahat could only work in Hinduism. The family gets married because their daughter can also marry their family.
When Naveli was forced to ride in a van and his face was covered in chloroform, he was eagerly waiting for Sahil near Sadir. Chahat couldn’t stop the truck and fell to the ground. She saw a mobile phone and saw Sahil’s voice message after picking it up. He mentioned in the voice message that they would change Naveli’s religious beliefs first, and then he would perform with her. Nikkah. Chahat vowed not to let him perform such a heinous behavior.

Ghazala took Naveli to the stage to dress up for the wedding. When Maulvi Sahib asked him if he could start the Nikkah ceremony, Ghazala asked Sahil to call the guest first. He called Neel’s contact person and asked him to arrive at the restaurant immediately because it was an order , So he asked everyone to go with him because it was urgent.
Baleq stands in the position of Mandir, they think they will not be able to believe what is about to happen, just like the last time MahShrvatri destroyed their family.Qurbaan Hua 12th March 2021 Episode 210 Written Update

When Molvi Sahib asked Chahat to stop Sahir, he was about to marry Naveli, and she was sitting down with Naveli, trying to wake her up Godambari said that she was very proud of her because she was able to let Naveli and Sahil marry and realize their lives. Revenge, Vyas je stopped her.

Chahat was shocked to see that Vyas je would enter with the whole family. He questioned Chahat and asked why she had to avenge her from Naveli by changing her faith. Sahil warned them not to speak to Chahat because they would now be like torturing Chahat. Tortured her and took revenge from Naveli. He tried to greet her, but she slapped him. Chahat immediately tried to reason with Neel. She was accused of a crime but did not participate. Neel declared that she should not worry because he Trust her more than her.

Neil rushed to the horse and started beating Sahir, Ghazala remembered what she could do. Vyas je praised how clever their daughter showed her love for Neal, and he actually believed that Chahart did indeed love his son Neel when he defeated Sahir. He can now understand his plan and the reason for opening a Veg restaurant, simply because he wants to impress India so that he can ruin his sister’s life, but Sahil reveals that he is only following Chahat’s orders.

Neel was angry and said that he did not believe anything Sahil said, but Vyas je said that he believed that he and Chahat were deceiving their plan and avenging her father, which proved that his sister was sitting with the clothed Naveli and Vyas je was sitting. On the Muslim clothes, Neel was ordered to open his eyes and see Chahat’s real face.

Godambari also asked Neel to open her eyes because Chahat deceived everyone, and Jamuna also asked her to stop lying, because he never thought that she would use this deception to repay the result of trusting her. Neel tried to reason with Jamuna and Godamabri. But they don’t want to listen to what he said.

Ghazala stood with Baleq. The latter asked her if she really married Sahil to her. Ghazala revealed that this was not the case, but it was just an act of inciting her family to oppose Chahat. She has completed the task and he knows what should happen now. Baleq stood by the coal and put something in the coal. It would emit a lot of smoke. Everyone tried to hold their breath. Jamuna called them to take away the daughter who worried everyone.

Qurbaan Hua 12th March 2021 Episode 210 Written Update

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