Qurbaan Hua 11th August 2020 Episode 40 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 11th August 2020 Full Episode 40 Latest Video By Zee5, Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 11th August 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 11th August 2020
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 11th August 2020

Neil stands up thinking that she could not have run away, Godambari mentions that she used to say that there was something wrong with the kundali but they did not believe her, Jamuna comes asking what the matter is and they head onto the roof where they both ask Neil about Chahat, she comes from behind asking Godambari why is she searching for her as she only went to get water and the reason they came on the roof was because Neil mentioned that it would be pleasant, then jamuna asks her to make tea but she is really angry so he himself goes to make it, Godambari is not able to understand what is happening, Chahat feels that there is some sort of packet in the kurta of Neil, she assures of making him pay for it.

Godambari is serving tea, she gives a cup of tea to Neil who is about to drink it when Chahat asks if he is forgetting something then hands him the packet without seeing it, he realizes what it is and immediately hides it, Jamuna asks what it is without which Neil’s day would not start, Chahat also asks him to show it however he doesnot have the strength, Chahat mentions that they all would be able to make him leave it and it is nothing of shame then he says that he would himself leave it, Chahat is adamant to make him give it then starts tickling him, he throws the packet to Jamuna, Godambari gets angry seeing it then asks Jamuna how he got it, then he clarifies that he has no clue how he got it, she takes him inside, Neil mentions that she should at first think of giving him something because the packet contained a con**m. The both get worried and mention that they would have to search for it, they both think that it flew outside then go to search for it,

Baleq is outside thinking that Viyas doesnot leave the seat of the Mant even when he has been trying so hard, he starts giving pigeons the food when he gets the packet and wonders from where it would have come, Naveli calls him and in anger mentions that he should take care of his things before leaving, he goes after her to convince her that he had nothing to do with the con**m.
Neil and Chahat come to the garden where they start searching for the packet of con**m when she sees that it is beside the feet of Viyas jee, Neil starts blaming Chahat who asks him to first find a plan by which they could get the packet, they both very carefully go near Viyas jee but when he is about to lift the packet Viyas jee turns asking what he is doing, Neil mention that it is the first day after their marriage so they thought of seeking his blessings, Viyas stops Chahat when they both are about to leave ordering that she wear a Sarree as Jamuna has called a artist for a family photo so should dress properly.

Chahat is in her room thinking that she is glad to not have wonder far ahead as it was just some family who were lighting the lanterns, she heads back into the bathroom but is not able to find her toothbrush, when she comes out she sees that Neil is cleaning his boots with it, she asks him what is the matter with him, he says that she would get a punishment for making him seek blessings from Viyas, she thinks of a plan then brings his brush and is adamant to clean her teeth but he demands that she give it back and they both get into a struggle when he finally puts it in his mouth, she gets mad calling him names mentioning that he is really a bad person for doing something like this.

She again searches for something then starts brushing her teeth using a wood stick, Godambari comes calling her as she has brought the clothes for her, she mentions her problem to Neil who says that it is not his fault that she doesnot know how to tie a Sarree, Chahat is in a state of confusion then she thinks of Naveli and calls out to her who says that she will come as soon as possible, Chahat wonders that everyone would be ready and she should come, then she starts doing makeup but it doesnot happen and she puts the kajal in her eyes and then closing them she wonders what she must do, Neil enters the room, she thinks that it is Naveli and calls her to come and help her with the Saree, she without seeing who it is ask Neil to close the hook of the blouse, he obliges to it then without doing anything wrong helps her with the Saree, Chahat exclaims that she has never been able to make the hooks, she says that she has to ask her something, Chahat mentions that she is aware that her father is a doctor who told her that if the mother gets into any sort of injury while being pregnant the baby would also have the effects just like golu so does she know what happened with Saraswati that night, Chahat opens her eyes and is shocked to see that it is Neil who is with her in the room.

Qurbaan Hua 11th August 2020 Episode 40 Written Update

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