Qurbaan Hua 10th september 2020 Episode 62 Written Update

Watch Onilne Qurbaan Hua 10th september 2020 Full Episode 62 Latest Video By Zee5, Hindi Serial Qurbaan Hua All Latest Video Updated HD Full Episodes, Watch Today Qurbaan Hua 10th september 2020 Online Video Written Update .
Serial Name : Qurbaan Hua
On Air Date : 10th september 2020
Video Source: Vkspeed/Vkprime
Distributed By : Zee Tv And Zee5

Qurbaan Hua 10th september 2020

Viyas jee sits for the pooja and starts completing it, while everyone is standing after him, he starts performing the Mantar but his health begins deteoriating, Chahat prays to Allah that he do something as otherwise Viyas jee would not exist able to bear it, Godambari shouts that he doesnot attend to anyone and this power cause problem for him.
Baleq believes that now everyone would see that Viyas jee would not be able to fulfil the obligations of the Mant so he would become the following Mant, Viyas jee forms coughing ill which forces Jamuna to reach and help him, they then listen the voice of Neil narrating the Mantar, to everyone’s astonishment he comes from behind and repeating the Mantar seats beside Viyas jee holding his and, Viyas jee is astounded to see him, his eyes fill with tears seeing his son posing beside him in the pooja, they both start the pooja, Baleq gets frustrated as he desired to be the one to pose beside Viyas jee in the Yaghia.
Jamuna is comfortable stating that they were capable to see the day when both Neil and Viyas jee are serving the Yagiah concurrently. Viyas jee starts coughing seeing which Neil holds him tight to his heart.

Baleq goes near them and seeing them both says that he would be the end of both of them and also seeing Saraswati sounds that she would see how he would destroy them both, Chahat comes from behind saying that she fibbed to Neil about the note but it made him pose with Viyas jee in the Yaghia, also says that she will make sure that she is able to fulfil the gap that lives between them both.
Chahat enters the room feeling that she was lucky to perform the duties in the kitchen as otherwise she would have to do the pooja, she turns the bed to find that it is pads and when she walks to see him, she slaps him and asks why he is sleeping on the floor and he mentions that his end got stiff which is why he is dozing on the floor, she asks why did he not use the bottle, he presents that he gave it to Viyas jee.
Jamuna gives Viyas jee the bottle requesting that he rest as it would make him feel okay, he mentions that he got personal when Neil came to fulfill the Yagiah with him. Baleq also says that he got emotional, but Neil would not perform them each and every day, Viyas jee says that he has a feel that Neil would some day perform the tasks of the Mant, Baleq attending his exclamation gets mad and lowers the bottle, Viyas jee questions why he did so, jamuna stops him saying that it is a blessed omen then leaves to get something to wash it with.

Chahat is rubbing the back of Neil noting that it has a soothing effect and if there was any way that she could the do the same with his head she would really do it, then she cites that he should be thinking about the someone who stole the transportable of Naveli and she should have conveyed it to the police as that person might have some agenda against him or his family and she has a really awful sensation. She notes that the person might be the killer of Saraswati, he looks at her and she demonstrates that she knows he would start blaming her father but should just believe that it might be someone else, he turns to the other side and dozes, she also sleeps.
In the dawn she wakes up and is happy that she got to sleep on the entire bed, she runs to get wrapped and finds a new set of utensils in the bathroom, she finds a note where Neil apologizes for killing her pervious one, she also opens a drawer to find a new phone with a sim menu and is overly joyed to see it. She runs downstairs where everyone is staying for her. Godambari asks her to serve everyone.
She starts serving Neil inviting him some question but he doesnot respond and she keeps pouring him more food, Viyas jee questions if she would do him the entire food and catching what she has done they get amazed, she pours some of it back and starts helping everyone else.

Chahat tries to get the attention of Neil nevertheless he is not attending to her and so she tires to get his attention by whistling, Jamuna says that there might be a white bird in their courtyard which has been reaching for quite some time. Everyone exits to see it but Godambari stops Chahat order that she should make tea for everyone.
Neil is prepping the ingredients when Bopho is eating the pickle, Neil says that he senses that Bopho is on a mother leave but Bopho says that he is tensed, and it is called overwhelmed eating.
Neil says that he only offered her the phone because what she said clicked and he was compelled to agree, so when he asks Bopho to call Chahat he states that Neil should do it himself.

Neil gets the room and finds Godambari searching the cabinet, he asks what she must to which she says that she is trolling for the dirty garments, he explains that he will give it to her, he presents it to her when he is not able to see the clothes of Chahat, he thinks that she power have run away, she also sees the rental taxi webpage but decides to trust her as she pleaded for one percent of the trust.
Bopho asks where Chahat is as the show is about to form, he says that he will take care of it as she has gone someplace, he has some bad ideas but is not able to convince himself and makes a lot of mistakes, the director calls and Neil apologizes to him displaying that he will have to cancel the show.
Neil says that he cannot make any determination as Chahat has requested for one percent of the trust.
Chahat is on the road considering that she would never go back to the house or would meet the members of the household, she is joyed that she brought all her belongings.

Qurbaan Hua 10th september 2020 Episode 62 Written Update

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