Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2020 Episode 773 Update

Sherlin is wandering in the hall way, she checks out the window wondering that she thought that it si existed Prithvi however when she turns she is surprised to find that Prithvi is standing behind her, she asks him what he is accomplishing in the house, he cites that he came to fulfil what she was not able to as she advised him that Preeta’s was tossed out of the house but she is still present in the house, She asks her problems which makes Sherlin suspicious and she asks him who throw him out, he replies that no one ahs the power to do this to him, he hugs her requesting that she should never leave him with his projects as she is all that he has got. He hug her, when Sherlin asks what has occurred, he says that he will ruin the Auroras and make them learn that he was the person who wanted to accept their daughter and whom they left which he cannot bear, Sherlin is tensed when they hear the police arriving which makes him nervous and he asks her why they have come, she notes that they have come for Preeta as no one likes that she come into their house so Karan has called the law on her.
The police join the house, the inspector exclaims that Karan has called them here, Karan joins the hall and the inspector is not able to take her eyes off him as she is a great fan of him, she also takes a selfie with him before being serious as she questions the reason, Maira hops in exclaiming that Preeta is claiming to be the wifey of karan but it is not the case as even the family members are not taking Preeta, then Gaitri mentions that he has himself accepted that he married Preeta.

Karan stops them stating that he has called the police to tell them what kind of a girl Preeta actually is, he notes that Preeta tried to kill his father and also tried to make sure that he did not get out of coma and she even tried to kidnap Rishab so she should be captured for the both of these crimes, Preeta cries that both the crime that have happen are true but it is not the case as she has no relation to it, she says that he alway blames her for everything that is wrong with his family, she mentions that he marry her with all the rituals while being in disguise, Karan says that she should forget that wedding as no one from his family was there, Preeta explains that her women was man there and she even gave them her bless, he is still adamant to refuse the wedding.
Preeta kills him saying that they both have been matched twice and once she did not know who the spouse was and this time, he was the one who did not know she was the bride. Preeta illustrates that this time his family tried to object to the nuptials, but they all know that once the wedding happens no one can alter it.
Sherlin refus to accept that she has been marry and tries to make an excuse by saying that there was only a party in their house, Preeta ask her then why did they setup a Mandap, all of them try to refute her but she stops Maira by saying that her sister was also man and she made a video of both their weddings which they are try to refuse so she has been married to him, the inspector after see the video informs him that he has been marry to her twice and so he cannot throw Preeta out of the house for which she can arrest his entire family, all of them are shoc and say that she cannot do this but the inspector mentions that accord to all the articles she has been marry and so they cannot do anything against her.
The inspector ask Karan to show her the proof that Preeta was the one behind each and everything wrong that has happened with his family, she ask him what proof does he have the Preeta got his brother kidnapped, Rishab jumps in mention that she was not behind his kidnapp as he knows that she is not capable of doing something so heinous, he explains that Karan is say this as he loves him but this doesnot mean that it is the truth, Karan pulls him aside ask what he is doing, he explains that Karan should be the one to remove the misconception from his eye as what he is doing is wrong.

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