Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2020 Episode 1660 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aaliya talking to Pragya’s pic and tells that Bhai met you in the lift, but he didn’t bring you here as he might have thought have Rhea’s hates you, but Rhea actually loves you and if she comes to know that you are her mother, then she might forgive you, but I will not let Rhea go away from me. She thinks if Prachi would have been in jail then it would be good and you would have been in jail too. She says she would have got a woman attacked Prachi in jail and you would have counter attack on her, then you would have been accused of the attack. Rhea comes there. Pragya’s pic falls down. Rhea is about pick it, but it flies away. She tells Aaliya that she had went to Maya’s house and she threatened to expose her. She tells that if this happens that Ranbir and Dad will hate me. Aaliya says I will talk to Maya before marriage, then will do something so that Ranbir gets married to you. Rhea gets happy and hugs her. Aaliya thinks Prachi is brought up by you, but Rhea is brought us by us.

Shahana tells Prachi that what they will do now. Prachi says we will not let this marriage happen. Shahana asks what happened to you. Just then Dushyant calls Prachi and tells that he had forgotten one thing and that’s why called. He tells that don’t tell anyone that I asked you not to come to marriage, tells that if you tells something then Maya’s name will be ruined and then Ranbir’s family will feel bad. He says he don’t want this to happen. He says I know how much you love your mother and family and asks her to take safety measures. Prachi ends the call and tells Shahana that he said that if we go to marriage, then…to us and maa….

Maya thinks she will not break her marriage after her marriage. She is a fool to think of breaking thinks, says she has double advantage. One side is Ranbir’s money and other side is Rahul’s love. She thinks whenever Rahul asks for the divorce. She will make an excuse. Mrs. Chaubey comes to Maya and asks if she is ready. She tells that baarat will come soon. A woman in veil comes there. Maya asks who are you? Mrs. Chaubey goes.

Ranbir, Pallavi and Vikram come to the marriage, along with their family members. Dushyant tells that they will get full respect. Ranbir says like we are getting since some days. Dushyant laughs and says you shall smile like this, looks beautiful in smiling faces. He asks what happened, why your smiles vanishes. Everyone is forced to smile. Mr. Chaubey brings the aarti and does Ranbir’s aarti. Mr. Chaubey makes Ranbir wear garland and says welcome. Ranbir thanks him. Dushyant makes Aryan wear the garland. Rhea asks Aaliya if we can stop this marriage. Aaliya says yes, as only you are the perfect match for her. Rhea says she will go and see Maya, goes. Aaliya thinks once you marry Ranbir, then your enemy will be Prachi. She tells that her enemy is Pragya and she will not let the house control goes away from her hand.

Maya sees Rahul and sends beautician out. Rahul asks when she will make him as her husband. Maya says when right time comes. He asks why didn’t you call me. She says someone is coming often. She asks why did you come here. Rahul says I had the feeling that you are about to leave me after marriage. He asks if you are planning this. Maya tells that it is just the matter of 1-2 days, you know that I am marrying Ranbir for money, I will divorce Ranbir. She asks him not to feel insecure. Rahul says Ranbir is more handsome than me. Maya says but you are more handsome for you. Rahul gets happy.

Ranbir asks Mr. Chaubey to call him Ranbir and not Damad ji, and says you are driving me feel old. Mr. Chaubey laughs. He asks Aryan what does he wants? Aryan says my brother and goes after Ranbir. Ranbir tells Aryan that if he completes Prachi once, then he will send them to hell. Aryan says they will send you to torture and they will ring your bell, laughs. Ranbir asks them to go to Maya’s papa and chuckle, says it seems he had laughing gas. Aryan questions what to do as he is getting laugh. Ranbir says where is Prachi? Dushyant shows the securities not to let Prachi, her sister and mother reach inside. Prachi, Sarita behen and Shahana come there and attend Dushyant. Dushyant says I will describe what to do with them. Prachi sees Ranbir and thinks I know you are trolling me. Mrs. Chaubey arrives to Ranbir and tells that he is examining very handsome today, tells that she will use black tika on him. Ranbir says it is not required as Aryan is standing with him, who has a black gut. Aryan asks what are you saying? Ranbir asks Aryan to say the same. Aryan says the same. Mrs. Chaubey giggles and tells Ranbir that she will take him to Maya.

Rhea arrives to Maya’s room. Maya questions Rahul to go and calls him Mami. Rhea catches his face and asks who is he? Maya says he is from a drama group as they are doing a play on blowout day. They will do a play on Ranbir and her love story and how they are acquiring married. Rhea questions if you think that I am a fool. Maya questions do you think I will think of some other guy and leave Ranbir. She says you need a physician. Mrs. Chaubey tells Ranbir that her daughter adores him and half of the story is made. Maya means that she will not go Ranbir for money or for someone’s sayings. Rhea says he don’t love you. Maya declares he will love me soon. Rhea requests her not to marry Ranbir and tells that if she don’t agree then she will be moved to stop the wedding. She asks her not to dare ignore that she had given her money to get close to Ranbir. Mrs. Chaubey arrives there and hears them. Ranbir also comes there. Mrs. Chaubey examines Rhea. Maya asks shall I tell Ranbir. Rhea thinks Ranbir will hate her. Ranbir reaches there and holds her hand. He tells that he knows that her preferences are good. Mrs. Chaubey says Rhea had given cash-on-hand to Maya. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t accept them and asks them not to accuse his friend. Mrs. Chaubey questions Rhea to come out and leave the would be husband and wife independently. Maya asks Rhea to go with Maa. Rhea goes out.

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