Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2020 Episode 1659 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ranbir looking at Prachi’s pic in his mobile and says I am just yours and you are mine, I know you have not accepted me, but I love you truly, you stays in my spirit, you will get out from here when my soul will come out of my body. Prachi says my heart measures for you very fast whenever I think about you. She tells if this is Kumkum Bhagya’s love which Maa talks about. She says if this is the same love then nobody can depart us, as his bhagya is connected with her kumkum. Ranbir tells that they are joined by heart and don’t want to get separated from her. He asks God not to depart them, and says if you don’t do this then I will never worship you. Rhea is driving her car and tells that neither Prachi nor Maya is done for you, right now Maya has to leave from your life. Ranbir looks at the sky. Prachi also views out from the window, recalling her moments with Ranbir. Ranbir also thinks of Prachi and remembers their moments….Main Kamli…Teri Galiya song plays…..Prachi keeps her hand on her marrow, Ranbir also does the same.

Rahul calls Maya. Maya strikes the call and asks why did you call me? Rahul says I don’t trust you. Maya says if you don’t esteem me then how will be the love. Rahul gets up and reveals that he got hurt. Maya asks if he is drunk. She says you are drinking even after securing me. Rahul tells that he is frightened, Ranbir is more attractive and rich and says once you partner him then you will not give him divorce. Maya says I will cancel him. Rahul screeches and says you have to give division to him. He says your bade daddy will threaten Ranbir to love you and then you will not bequeath him. Maya says I will divorce him and entreats him not to drink. Rahul tells that he admires her a lot and don’t want to lose her. Maya notices Rhea’s call coming and tells Rahul that she will talk to him later, as Rhea’s call is coming. She picks Rhea’s call. Rhea asks her to come and meet at the backside of her ancestry. Maya says ok. She comes behind her house. Dushyant comes discussing on phone about Ranbir and says guy is rock and girls were behind him. Maya comes to Rhea and questions why did you call me? Rhea speaks I just asked you do drama with Ranbir and asks why did you get grave with him. She says I purposed all those conspiracies so that I can help and impress him, but this pledging is not in the agreement. She asks her to back off. Maya assumes I will not and tells that this venture was very old and everything evolves with time. She challenges her to move from Ranbir and her way, else….

Rhea asks what you will do? Maya says I will expose you infront of everyone, I will tell everyone that you and your Buji had planned fake molestation case on Ranbir. Dusyant hears them. Maya says whatever I was doing then was on your sayings, then what will happen, Ranbir, your dad and everyone will hate you. She says even if I back off then Prachi will jerk Ranbir from you and then you will be called as loser. Rhea strikes her hard. Maya says I will not slap you in coming as I am feeling sympathetic towards you. She says whom you love, will fit either of me or of Prachi. She says you should have respected our understanding, but I will do. She says if you do this again then I will spank you. She says you was not in the community to win Ranbir. Rhea says I am displayed to win, Ranbir is just mine. She says she wins without striving in the race. She says not you nor Prachi can do anything. She goes furiously from there.

Dushyant comes to Maya and tells that another blunder. He says I am forgiving you for this blunder. He speaks Ranbir, Prachi and now Aaliya. He says many people wants to break this wedlock. He says Aaliya has prompted you to commit suicide and says if anyone does anything then I will not leave them. He says we will present them. He says Aaliya and Rhea can’t injure you and tells that if anyone hurts them, then they will return their favors with case.

Prachi is believing about Ranbir. Ranbir climbs up the balcony and asks Prachi if he can become. Prachi smiles and says come. She then understands he has come in reality and asks why did you come? She closes the door. Ranbir asks shall I come bounded. Prachi says yes and tells that seldom door shall be used to come. Ranbir smiles and tells that he is becoming married to Maya tomorrow and reminds her about Rahul and Maya’s plan that she will divorce me next day. Prachi says yes, I treasure, what is the problem if divorce will happen. Ranbir says dilemma is that, for divorce girl obliges more capitalists from guy and I don’t want my Dad’s hardwork earning to go to Maya. He says what will people say and I don’t want to partner her and don’t want believe in the relation which is not for life. He says he don’t want to marry Maya. Prachi requests you want to have relation with whom? Ranbir says I want to have relation with…..Intehaa song plays…..He impresses her hairs from her face.

Abhi is talking on phone and tells that he will come for meeting and not haunting marriage. Rhea comes there and cries, entreating Abhi to stop the marriage. Abhi says this is not my marriage, it can’t be stopped until Ranbir ends it. He says I can’t force him and if he tells me anything then I will stop this marriage. Rhea evokes his words and tells that he don’t want your help as he don’t want you to get in any problem. Abhi says I am a big enigma myself and asks if Ranbir thinks this day. Rhea says if you stop the wedlock if Ranbir tells you. Abhi says yes and tells that he has a reaction that this marriage will not happen. Rhea loves him. Abhi holds Ranbir will not let this marriage happen as only you are suitable for him.

Prachi asks Ranbir again. Ranbir says he wants to have relation with her. Prachi gets upset and asks what did you say? Ranbir says like you joked, I also fooled. He says he wants her to stay with him during his union being my best friend. He says whenever you are with me, I feel much and you will save me. He says once everything displays fine, then we will stay together. He questions will you stay with me and asks if you will leave me ever. Prachi replies I will not leave you. Ranbir asks her to engage. Prachi squeezes his hand and says she don’t like to promise as it breaks, she asks him to trust her that she will get and will never leave him. She asks him to hope her and says promise. Someone knocks on the door. Prachi says may be Maa came, if she sees you here…Ranbir says you will never have any problem in life when I am with you, this promise might break, but I will try not to break it. He says my mating is happening with someone else, but I will just wait for you. Prachi gets mushy and teary eyes. He leaves from the window. Prachi opens the opening and comes to the window. She recalls checking his hands and keeps on her hand on her chest. Song plays…Galiya…Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2020 Episode 1659 Written Update

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