Kumkum Bhagya 3rd September 2020 Episode 1658 Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhi’s lawyer and informing Pragya that Mr. ( Kumkum Bhagya 3rd September 2020 Episode 1658 Written Update) Mehra and Ranbir got Prachi published. Pragya thanks him happily and ends the call. She asks cab driver to take her to PS. She then calls Sarita behen and smiles, tells her that Prachi is getting released from lock up as Mr. Mehra and Ranbir got her delivered and proved her virginity. She says Police is about to leave her soon. Sarita behen asks her not to waste time and bring Prachi back, says she will make her favorite dish. She asks her to confess to Mr. Mehra for scolding him at heart. Pragya says ok, I will tell him that his girlfriend asked her to excuse to him. Sarita behen says your laugh is very sweet and makes the other body happy and asks her to keep smiling always. Pragya ends the call. Sarita behen calls Shahana and tells her that Prachi is coming. Shahana gets happy and hugs her. Sarita behen works to kitchen.

Lawyer thanks Constable for giving Prachi’s mother number and tells that she had called me so much, but someone else earned it. Aaliya comes to the Police station with Pallavi and Vikram. She asks Lawyer of Abhi. Lawyer says no, I have called Prachi’s mother and she is coming. Pallavi asks what is he saying? Aaliya says that he said that Bhai and Ranbir got her freed as they got some proofs. Pallavi looks at Vikram. Vikram says I didn’t send him this time, and says if you want then I will take the window locked. Pallavi says she is considering how to face Prachi. Aaliya thinks what to do now? Prachi is coming out, Sanju’s phone is with Inspector, Pragya is coming here and Bhai is also happening here. She thinks how to get out of these problems. Abhi and Ranbir come there. Abhi asks Aaliya, you are here. Aaliya says she came with Vikram and Pallavi. Pallavi says we got to know that Ranbir has proved Prachi’s innocence and praises him. Abhi asks Aaliya how did she know that they have proved Prachi’s integrity. Aaliya sees Lawyer and tells that he has informed her and asks him to come.

Constable opens the lock of the lock up and tells Prachi that Ranbir and Mr. Mehra have declared her innocence. Prachi reminisces their words. Aaliya asks Lawyer to tell that he has called her. He says yes and tells that Prachi is getting there. Prachi comes there and hugs Abhi. Abhi asks her to thank Ranbir and says I just helped him a bit. Ranbir says this all occurred because of you. Aaliya hopes they shall go soon, else if Pragya comes there then Abhi will know that Prachi is his elder daughter and Ranbir loves her and not Rhea. She holds Pragya meets with an accident. Pragya is coming there. Abhi jokes to cheer up Prachi. Aaliya comes to the lawyer and asks him to take Prachi to office as he was considering to fire him, asks him to impress him in Sharma’s case. Lawyer says ok. Abhi gets a call and tells Mr. Sharma that he is not making a call. Lawyer asks him not to talk to Mr. Sharma and tells that there is something wrong in the case. Abhi says first I will drop Prachi home and then will come to office. Aaliya asks him to go to office regarding the complexity of the case. Abhi says ok and goes out with lawyer. Pragya and Abhi pass each other, but doesn’t. Lawyer understands her when her phone falls down and calls her. He says I know you don’t know Mr. Mehra. Pragya goes inside. Lawyer thinks he shall not tell Mr. Mehra on Prachi’s mother. Abhi and Lawyer leaves. Kumkum Bhagya 3rd September 2020 Episode 1658 Written Update

Prachi signs on the bills and asks Inspector who had done that theft? Inspector says Sanju. Ranbir tells that when he came to join her, he saw Sanju. He says when he followed him, he admitted to the crime. Aaliya says what kind of people are they. Ranbir tells that he is just a puppet/joker as the author is a girl behind all this conspiracy. He says they have phone proof. Pragya comes there and holds Prachi. She thanks Ranbir. Pallavi excuses to Pragya and folds her hand. Vikram also folds his hands. Prachi asks him not to fold hands. Vikram says I always fold my fingers infront of you. Pallavi apologizes to Pragya. Pragya says its ok. Pallavi tells Prachi that she has one question with you and tells that Ranbir said that you have broken agreement with him and asks her not to do this. Prachi says it was my mistake, I talked to him very loudly, says sorry. Ranbir says its ok. Rhea comes there and thinks everyone knows the happiness except me. Prachi thinks of Pragya asking her to give resignation letter. Ranbir tidings Pragya to do a favour on him, asks her to join the office as she loves you a lot and knows you well. He messages that he can’t tell this infront of everyone so messaging her. Pragya messages him not to bother, that she will sort out things and asks him to bring sweets. Ranbir goes happily. Aaliya asks Rhea if she made Sanju’s phone. Kumkum Bhagya 3rd September 2020 Episode 1658 Written Update

Rhea tells that she has produced similar phone like Sanju. Aaliya says Sanju’s phone is on the Inspector’s desk and asks her to change it. Rhea tells that she is very excited and can’t do this. Aaliya thinks I would have done this, if Pragya was not standing there. She asks Rhea to take Prachi’s mom from there and tells that she is very smart. Rhea says she is good too. Aaliya says I didn’t ask her how is she, just like her away. Ranbir brings sweets. Pragya makes Prachi taste it. Ranbir messages prachi that he is glad that she will come to office and tells that he will see her in office. Prachi thanks him for taking a stand for her and holding her, doing so much for her. Rhea comes there and plays to sprain her leg. Pragya goes to Rhea and asks if she is fine. Rhea says sorry for bothering her. Pragya says never. Aaliya asks Inspector to give her Sanju’s phone and tells that may be I can recognize the voice. Inspector refuses. Aaliya says I had doubt on someone, if I recognize the voice then I can help you. She tells that Sanju managed to love Prachi and his heart broke. She tells that Sanju had gone with her for few days and she can identify the woman’s voice. She takes Sanju’s phone and asks for the password. Inspector says Password is password. Aaliya makes it fall down and changes it with the other phone. She tells that there is no voice record in the phone and asks him to send to forensic field. Inspector says yes, this is an great proof. Aaliya says it is not important anymore. Kumkum Bhagya 3rd September 2020 Episode 1658 Written Update

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