Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2021 Episode 1798 Written Update

The plot begins when Abhi asks Pragya to show up. Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2021 Episode 1798 Written Update Pragya believes that the Doctor has said that he will not get sudden happiness or shock. He asked her to show her face and promised little finger. Mitali thinks she will be the first person to see the face of Gayatri. Pragya wanted to show her face, and then covered her face again. He held her pallu and said I would see your face. Mitali thought that Abhi was mad again and sent a notice to Aaliya. Abhi took off her dupatta and looked at her face. Pragya cried. Tere Naam.. He said that you are mine… and that you are like her. Pragya thought he wanted to hide my doll safely in his heart. Pragya kissed the doll, remembering his words. He took the doll back. Pragya said that I have revealed my face, and now you must wear beautiful clothes. Mitali tells Aaliya Abhi is crazy again and insists on seeing Gayatri’s face. Aaliya scolded her and told her that she was participating in a video call conference and the problem you encountered when you came here was minimal. Mitali told people that they would hear it on the phone. Aaliya said that the phone is silent. Mitali went out to see Tanu. She told Abhi to insist on seeing Gayatri’s face. Tanu said this is a problem. Mitali thinks that if Gayatri is gone, who will do the work. Tanu thought that if I did something wrong, I would leave my husband and go to Abhi. Mitali asked her not to tell Aaliya. Tanu believes that if Abhi cannot recover, she will tell her ex-husband has an accident and needs her. Aaliya came to find her down.

Prachi remembered her promise to Rhea, and remembered her own words. Shahana asked her to marry Ranbir to avenge Rhea. Prachi thinks she can do anything for Maa. Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2021 Episode 1798 Written Update

Dadi came to ask Aaliya if she called her. Aaliya agreed. Tanu tells you that you have been to the temple and did not realize that the engagement of Rhea and Ranbir was three days later. Duddy asked what happened. Abi’s condition is very bad and you are planning. Aaliya asked what to do, should we lock ourselves in the room like bhai? She said that she was not sure whether Bhai would recover, and said that Tai ji did not make Dadi better understand. Tanu says that Dadi understands whether Tai Chi can make her understand. Aaliya asked Raj, what is he doing? Raj said you have to deal with the house. Aaliya said that I would be angry because I would be angry when I deal with two things at home. Pallavy and Vikram came there. Vikram asked where is my friend? Aliya said you know his condition well. Vikram went. Pallavi asked Aaliya to call Rhea. Aaliya asked Basanti to call Rhea from her room.

Abhi looked at Pragya through the hole in the paper. She asked if you would wear this? Abi said I want to scare you, ask her not to follow him. Pragya was very scared and asked if he would wear this. He asked her if she knew to paint this picture. Pragya said I know, but I can’t paint like you. Abhi said you don’t like my doll, but if you have…double batteries, signs of specifications, you want to be like my doll. Pragya looked at him. He asked if you know the dual battery? Pragya said the specifications. Abi said that you don’t know about paintings like me, you don’t know anything. Pragya even thinks he still speaks like this.

Pallavy asked Tanu and Alia, what are they talking about? Tanu said, I ask Aaliya to talk to you about Ranbir’s reaction. She asked him why he agreed in the first place, but now he refused. This relationship is Abhi’s wish. Duddy asked Tanu not to interfere. Tanu asked Pallavi to answer. Pallavi thought she had a heart attack first, which is why he agreed, and then when he knew the truth, he refused. Aaliya thinks Pallavi feels inward and will persuade Ranbir. Rhea went in there without talking to anyone. Aaliya said that she must have been fighting the Watchers outside and was behind her.

Pragya brought him clothes. He asked if he would not feel pain when someone beat him. Pragya said yes. He is about to change clothes. Pragya asked him not to change here. He asked if you like me? Pragya said I like you, but the older kids wear clothes in the bathroom. Abhi agreed and asked her to choose his clothes every day. He went to change. Mitali came there and asked Pragya to fetch food for Abhi and deal with him because she had to deal with family lunches. she left

Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2021 Episode 1798 Written Update

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