Kuch Toh Hai 13th March 2021 Episode 10 Written Update

The episode begins with Rageshwari, telling you that if you plan to do this, now it’s my turn. Kuch Toh Hai 13th March 2021 Episode 10 Written Update She heard the waterman say no. Mohit tells Arnav that he will go and talk to Soumya in a few days. Arnav said that you can’t actually face Rehaan. He said, as my school friend, what should you do? He said that if you don’t want to marry my sister, you will tell her or me, but you didn’t drink until the guests came. Rehaan came there and looked at Mohit. The waterman told Ragshwari that she was asking about things that run counter to fate and God. Rageshwari said that my daughter did not die naturally. The sailor told Priya that Priya had died of Aadishaat’s poison and that there was only one poison that could defeat this poison, and there was only one in the world. Rageshwari asked him to distribute the poison to her daughter and keep her alive again. Waterman said that the poison would have side effects, and told her that she would not come back as before. She was strong, but her heart was soft. He said that she is Farishta’s daughter Pari and cannot be returned as before. He asked her if she wanted to live. Rageshwari said, I want to know if she can take revenge from Aadishaat. The sailor said yes, she will gain a stronger power like Aadishaat, and she can fight him and take revenge. Kuch Toh Hai 13th March 2021 Episode 10 Written Update

Rehaan asked Mohit to apologize to Soumya and be engaged to her. He said that both of you were sweethearts when you were young, and love each other. He said she would forgive you. Mohit said you can threaten me and said I will do my best, I love Priya. He asked where is Priya? Rehaan recalled the experience of killing her and said that she would not come back again, and now you and my sister can live a perfect life. Mohit asks you don’t understand? Rehaan said, you don’t understand that everyone except Mohit is frozen with his Aadishaat power. Then he lifted Mohit into the air and told his sister that it was his life, asking him to agree to be engaged or prepare to die. He said that choice is your choice and persevere. Mohit was shocked. Rehaan relaxed and asked if Mohit would get engaged. Mohit said yes.

Rageshwari saw a big snake there. The boatman told him that he is a mixture of all naagin and naag poisons, and the poison flowing from the girl’s body will be a mixture of all naagin poisons, which is the antidote for Aadishaat poison. He called Shivanya, Shivangi, Bela, Brinda, Bani. All the Naagins arrive there in the form of snakes. They all entered the human avatar, then entered the snake avatar and bit Priya’s forehead. When Priya was resurrected, she fell to the ground and trembled. Rageshwari asked Priya to open his eyes and say nothing will happen. Priya opened his eyes and said to Maa. Rageshwari thanked God for saving her and said that you are fine. They are going home. Lagshwari apologized to Priya and said that when Adishat bit you, I will not be with you. She asked how are you doing? Priya said he didn’t know. She said that she would not forget that Rehaan killed her because he thought she was guilty of Soumya’s crime. She said he was Aadishaat and said she thought she might be able to kill him. She said she would take revenge. Rageshwari told her that Naagins had given her her powers and poison together, and told them that they would wait until they knew these powers before doing it. Rageshwari receives a call from Siddharth. He asked where she was? She said she was going home. Priya asked her to go home and said that she would come in a while.

Rehaan thought where Priya was and reviewed the incident. He forgot to kill her, what does it mean to think she is helpless? He asked you to go to Priya? Priya half of the snake came there and looked at him, even though he didn’t look at him, and turned away. Rehaan played the flute and recalled the time he was with Priya. Priya crawled inside like a snake and became a human. She called him and said that you didn’t give me a chance to tell my life. He can’t see her. Priya called him Aadishaat and said that this nagin has all the power of nagin, saying that you have done it for your sister, now see what I will do?

Siddharth told Mohit that when he chose Priya, everyone was scared, and they later learned that it was a joke. Soumya said that Mohit proposed to me romantically. Arnav said, you have a heart attack for all of us. Mohit said he wanted to propose to her in particular. Soumya said she likes orchids. Rush said that Priya is very important and there may be a big misunderstanding. Siddharth said she was not here to defend herself. Pam said that we really don’t know her, so please ask Siddharth to ask before letting PG come in. Ryan came there. Rajeshwari said that we will talk about Arnav and Swati. Rehaan said he wanted to talk to Mohit. Soumya said that Mohit said it was a prank. She asked how my marriage would be different. The mini will ask you what you want to be different. They laughed.

Mohit tells Rehaan that he has fulfilled his promise, and now Soumya is everything to him. He will not look at any girls now. Ryan said that Priya, who looked like a snake, came there and became a human. Rehaan saw her gaze, and said Priya. Aaro told Mini that she didn’t think they should open the door because Priya disappeared after that. Mini tells us that we haven’t done any great things, and we always follow what Ajnabi asks us to do. She said that after Ajnabi (Ajnabi) arrived, things became difficult and frightening. Rehaan searches for Priya and closes his ears to listen to the sound. He found a lady who came to her, thinking she was Priya. Then he asked her to go and thought about how she could be faster than me. Priya fell on the roof like a snake. She became a human being and watched him go.

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