India Waali Maa 31st August 2020 Episode 1 Written Update

A Gujarati couple Hasmukh and his wife Kaku visit yoga class. India Waali Maa 31st August 2020 Teacher asks them to stretch accurately as they have to exercise themselves from tomorrow as he is going to New York. Kaku frantically asks if he is going to New York, he should meet her son Rohan who stays there and providing him address asks him to tell that he teaches yoga to his parents. Teacher leaves saying she sleeps in yoga class and walks away stating she is cute. Hasmukh taunts that Kaku seems cute to yoga teacher. Kaku laughs. They walk towards home scooter left far away. Kaku discusses about her son while Hasmukh asks her to get to perform yoga properly. Kaku orders kachori. Hasmukh/Hassu scolds her. She munches kachori and seeing smart phone advertisement hoarding requires Hassu to buy her smart phone. Hassu denies as usual. They reach home. Hassu says her son has ignored her, so she should stop thinking about him. Kaku says a son can skip his mother, but mother cannot. Their chit chat stays. She offers him tea. He sips it and says he likes her making sound while drinking tea. She says she knows. He says he will leave for business now. She sees cloth, and he says he brought it for shop. She says this stuff will not sell in his shop due to its dull fabric. Hassu says strangers like this fabric. She states it will not. He says tea was not good today. She says he is becoming same tea since 27 years and hits tea box to prepare another tea, but gets very happy regarding smart phone in it. She excitedly asks who made it. Hassu jokes perhaps neighbor. She happily hugs him and asks to show how to use it, she will call Rohan right now. Hassu tells how will he know, even he hasn’t used smart phone in life. He goes for shop. India Waali Maa 31st August 2020

Kaku thinks of taking neighbor Tripti’s help and leads to her. Tripti says she is busy in household tasks and can’t help her. Kaku tries to convince her hard but fails and sadly states home where she sees her maid Rashmi working. Rashmi says she is tensed as her as her son Dinu doesn’t want to read in Gujarati school and wants to study in English medium school, she doesn’t remember anything than Gujarati. Kaku says Dinu is right, even she doesn’t know anything than Gujarati, but she got Rohan thought in English medium and after completing MBA, he is running in New York. Rashmi agrees. Dinu sees Kaku’s new smart phone and questions when did she buy. Kaku asks if he knows to use smart phone. Dinu says he also has one. She asks him to teach her as she wants to call Rohan. Dinu connects to Rohan, but Rohan doesn’t pick call. Kaku says it must be evening there and asks him to show her to u use smart phone. He teaches her to make video call and copies as Rohan. Kaku asks how is he. He states he is having cough. She says she would have prepared him herbal tea and medicine if he would have been here. She continues talking and and cries emotionally.

Hasmukh is busy selling things to customer. Real estate agent Kamlesh walks in and insists Hasmukh to sell his home to builder. Hasmukh denies. Kamlesh says he will get security if he shifts to a flat with Kaku as his family is very big for 2 people. Hasmuh denies. Kamlesh says Rohan will not pay, so he should stop hoping. Hasmukh gets angry and threatening him to near talk about it sends him away. He reaches home at night and tells Kaku that Kamlesh had come again. Kaku says he would have told same that Rohan will not return, so they should trade the house. Hasmukh says Kamlesh is right, Rohan never returned or even called them in 5 years. Kaku gets set and starts fighting supporting Rohan. She spends some time wandering around house angrily. A sad song.. works in the background. She falls asleep. At midnight, Rohan sees missed call and without removing eyes calls her not knowing its Kaku’s. Kaku gets happy seeing Rohan on video call and shakes up Hassu. Call disconnects due to poor contact. Kaku says Dinu told there is low connection in room and they want to go on terrace. She runs on terrace caught by Hassu and reconnects with Rohan. She asks how is he, etc. He says he is fine and tells he has flight tomorrow and he is getting to India. Kaku and Hassu get excited audience that, Hassu asks to give him inspiration details, he will come to pick him from airport. Rohan says he is starting business in Bangalore and is shifting right there. Kaku shatters hearing that. A girl hugs Rohan from behind and begs him to come and sleep as they have flight to catch in the day. Rohan sends her away. Kaku asks who is that girl. Rohan says his wife. Kaku breaks more. Rohan says he wanted to inform them after reaching them directly. Call disconnects.

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