Brahmarakshas 2 13th March 2021 Episode 31 Written Update

The plot begins with Pari massaging Angad’s feet.Brahmarakshas 2 13th March 2021 Episode 31 Angad said he liked it very much. Chandini came there and called Parry. She made her fall and provided the function of massaging her feet. She asked Angard to come. Mindy said you are a hero, and a hero never gets tired. Chandini asked him to come over. Prithvi added a few drops of medicine to all drinks. Shalini asked how you met with Yug? Prithvi said that he wanted everyone to lose consciousness in order to kidnap Kalindi’s appearance. All couples as well as Chandini and Angad will participate in the next round. Chandini wants him to go fast, and thinks Kalindi is in front of him. Angad recalled his time with Kalindi and walked fast. They won the game and have the opportunity to apply haldi to Ishaan and Sona. They applied haldi to Ishaan and Sona. Minty asked them to apply haldi to each other immediately. Chandini was about to apply Haldi to him, but he refused. Chandini made him fall when he stepped on the marble. She hugged him and smeared Haldi on her face and hands. He was unhappy and took her out. He poured water on her head, asked her if she wanted to be Kalindi, and said you could not be her. Chandini said, your Kalindi is dead, and I am your past and future. Angard said that she may die for the world, but she lives in my heart for me. He said he felt her in the jungle. Chandini asked if you didn’t care about me. Angard said, even if you die, I don’t care about you. Here comes the mint. Angard went to drink. Minty asked Chandini not to feel sad and to go with her. Brahmarakshas 2 13th March 2021 Episode 31

Angard asked where is Robin wine? Shalini asked Chandini to provide drinks to everyone. Chandini refused. Shalini said that our Kalindi cared very much and asked her to provide services. Chandini drank all the drinks. Everyone drinks alcohol and falls and loses consciousness after drinking alcohol. Prithvi and Shalini came to Chandini. Prithvi said, you don’t know where I threw you? He took her into the car. Angard gained consciousness and found that everyone had fallen into a state of unconsciousness. He called everyone and asked them to get up. Parry said that drinking made them drowsy. Robin said, it seems a bit mixed. Shalini said Kalindi did it. Sona said she must be sleeping. Angard said, I have seen it everywhere, she must have stolen something, and then sneaked from here. Sona and Minty asked what he was talking about? Sona said you were avoiding her, and Dee told me that you told her that he wouldn’t care if he died. Angad said you mean I hurt her. Sona said she didn’t steal anything. Minty asked Angad to prove that she stole something. Prithvi was very happy and thought Chandini was unconscious in the back seat. He found her missing in the seat. Chandini put the knife on his neck and told him to go left and then right. She found the car parked on the road and got off. Yug got out of the car. Chandini was shocked. Prithvi told her that the timing was good and handed her to Yug. Angad and everyone were watching CCTV and discovered that Pritvi (kidnapping) had kidnapped Chandini who was in a coma and drove. Sona asked Shalini. Shalini told her that she didn’t know where Pritvi was. Pari asked her to tell him where he was and asked her to give the tracker. Angard asked her to give it. Shalini provided the tracker. Yug tells Chandini that he has changed now and will take her far away from here. Angad followed the tracker to Prithvi’s car. He asked where the Prithvi girl was? Prithvi said that he had sent her off with officer Yug. He said that Kalindi is now a thief and has changed. Angad said where can that girl be now?

Chandini fooled Yug and ran away. Yug came over and threw the net on her. Chandini is trapped. He thought that if she was not born in the special Nashatra, he would kill her and devour her liver. Angard came there and jumped off. Chandini wants him to defeat Yug. Angard said, I told you not to arrest my fianc√© unless you have any conclusive evidence against her. Yug said that you saved the criminal today and next time, and I will arrest you with her. Angard said, I’m afraid you warned me. Yug asked him to hand her over to him. Angard said I would deal with her. Yug said that this girl will steal your house and elope. he goes. Chandini told Angard that she was afraid to see him. Angard said the thief was afraid of the police. Brahmarakshas 2 13th March 2021 Episode 31 Chandini said she thought he was a bit dangerous. Minty told Shalini that she would not let them stay in the house again, saying that my Di will return home in 2 years, but you have sent her away with the police. She emptied Shalini’s cupboard. Angad takes Chandini home and puts her to sleep. Minty asked Shakti not to sympathize with them and threw them out. She asked them to leave home. Prithvi asked Angad to tell him why he wanted to take the girl out in this situation. Angad told Minty that Prithvi reacted when she saw her change and did it. Mindy wants him to listen. Angad told me that there is a reason for this. Minty said yes. She said that because of Jeju, my Di was released from the butcher police. She let Prithvi stay in the house. Angad told Prithvi that he saved him this time, but not next time. He warned him and told him that he would be driven out of Ambala. Prithvi said, I know how you treat this girl and want to give her Kalindi a place to live, but I can’t do that. He asked him not to act. Brahmarakshas 2 13th March 2021 Episode 31

Kalindi knocked on the door and told Yug to let her out. Yug told her that brahmarakshas was outside and promised to take her out tomorrow. He told himself that he was opening the door and believed that she would not go out at night. She took a peek, thinking no one was there. She came to the door and went out quietly. Angard drinks and thinks that if I am doing something wrong, please talk to Kalindi’s picture and tell Kalindi that he wants to make her look different, but he can’t. He said that I have been searching for you for two years and let her stay here because I saw you in you. He asked her to return. At this moment, he saw Kalindi coming there and told her she was wandering here and there, but in the end she found her way and came here. Angad asked if you were Kalindi and hugged her. Galiyan opera…they hug. She is Chandini, and she told me that one day you will find Karindi in me. She said that I want to give you happiness for your desire. Angad asked her not to approach him and said that you cannot be my Kalindi. Chandini cried. Robin came there and said not to cry. Chandini said that he saved me from Yug and I wanted to bring him some happiness, but he refused to accept me as his Kalindi. Robin will soon say that he will understand. Chandini embraced him.

Brahmarakshas 2 13th March 2021 Episode 31 Written Update

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